Alumier MD Retinol

Here at Kingswood Parks Clinics, we offer the full range of Alumier MD prescription home skin care, which is amazing for all patients, skin types and conditions. This range of skin care can be prescribed by our skin therapist during a consultation or treatment here at the clinic.

The range is varied from cleansers and moisturisers to serums and exfoliators, and retinol being one of our favourites!

When you are looking for that one product to help with the signs of ageing or to give you that ultimate glow you have always wanted, spending hours on the web trying to find something that ACTUALLY works you could be browsing all day reading up on so many products not knowing which one to get or what is actually going to work for you.

This is our therapists go-to product, and that 1 that we think everyone should have in their skincare routine….Retinol!

There are so many products out there that say it is pure retinol, but unfortunately those sorts of products are mixed with many other products.

So, what is retinol?

Retinol is made up of many ingredients, one of the ingredients is vitamin A; the antioxidant that helps reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, while improving the texture and tone by strengthening skin, improving elasticity, and increasing skin turnover. Retinol is also good for targeting blemish-prone skin by unclogging pores and enhances skin tone by reducing the appearance of hyperpigmentation.

Pure Retinol is a product that is prescription only, which can be arranged by one of our therapists.

Because retinol is such a strong product, initially you only need to apply this 2-3 times a week and then gradually increase, still using the smallest amount- a little goes a long way!

When using this product you should also be aware of UV sensitivity and only use retinol in the evening; remembering to wash your face the following morning to remove any excess. You should protect the skin against UV by applying a high SPF product, again which can be sourced through the Alumier range.

When should I start using Retinol?

People think you only need to start using this when you get to an older age, this isn’t the case, the earlier you start with a skincare routine that has a retinol product in, the better. After all, prevention is better than a cure!

What Retinol products should I use?

Some of the Retinol products our therapists have in their skincare routine, and think everyone should invest in includes Retinol eye gel; this is a product that is formulated especially for the delicate eye area and is gentle to the area, it’s a retinol that firms, tightens and strengthens the skin, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Then also including the Retinol 0.5% serum will help to improve the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, blemishes, and skin texture, while evening out skin tone.

For more advice regarding the Alumier product range or skin care advise in general, contact a member of the KP team.