BioRePeel; our latest innovative treatment

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The Kingswood Parks team only administer treatments they believe in, and that are tried and tested. Sophia, our Skin Therapist had this treatment herself.

So, what is a BioRePeel?

BioRePeel is an innovative, two phase MEDICAL ONLY peel with a bio stimulating, revitalising and peeling action. Its exfoliating and keratolytic action, promotes cell turnover and profound stimulation to counter the effects of skin ageing and acne scarring. It is excellent in anti-ageing due to it containing all the essential amino acids and vitamins your skin needs. It also contains 35% TCA and GABA which is a muscle relaxant and thereby can help reduce lines and wrinkles.  The treatment is suitable for young skin during stages of acne, blackheads with recent or fresh scarring.

What are the benefits of this treatment?

The BioRePeel can be used for the face, neck, décolletage and body.

  • There is no preparation or downtime.
  • It exfoliates; removing dead skin cells encouraging skin to regenerate.
  • Purifies and oxygenates the skin, leaving it moisturised and free of impurities mediated by its amino acids and vitamins.
  • Closes open pores, improves the texture of the skin, and increases the thickness of the epidermis.
  • Helps the effects of skin ageing, softening fine lines/wrinkles.
  • Helps skin tone.
  • Reduces acne, improves the appearance of scars with its anti-microbial and anti-bacterial properties.

How many sessions are recommended?

A one-off treatment can be performed to refresh your skin but a course of 4-6 treatments every 7-12 days to combat skin concerns would have optimal effects. This treatment can also be combined with dermaplaning or microneedling.

Sophia felt, due to the current situation; having to wear masks was having an effect on her skin and no matter how much water she drank or how clean she was keeping her face, the masks really brought out a flare up of spots. Sophia takes a lot of care and pays a lot of attention to her skin and as she had not had a professional skin treatment done in a while wanted to have the BioRePeel performed to see what it could do for her skin, plus having trained in carrying out the treatment, felt it would be beneficial to give clients opinions based on her own personal experience.

Sophia’s comments regarding having the treatment;

I had the peel alongside microneedling; the beginning of the treatment felt fine nothing too painful, I could feel slight tingling which I felt was reassuring, feeling like something is working on my skin, once the microneedling started it began to tingle slightly more for a couple of minutes. Once the microneedling had finished I had a layer of the peel placed on my skin, this is when I started to feel some discomfort, but nothing too painful and this lasted for less than five minutes.

The downtime was very minimal, straight after having the treatment my skin was red in some areas and felt slightly warm to touch, which reduced significantly as the day progressed. The next day my skin was completely back to normal; no dryness or shedding which can be experienced with other similar treatments. I continued with my aftercare and typical skin care routine, and immediately noticed my skin felt fresher. It was a couple of days after treatment my skin started to feel dry and flaky in certain areas, but this was very minimal.

Overall the results were amazing; the area of spots particularly on my chin reduced significantly straight after the treatment and after a full week the spots had gone completely- my skin was looking fresh, clean and clear. This treatment is something I am confident to recommend to my patients looking for similar results, obviously providing they are suitable and medically fit. It is something I will continue to have done along with the microneedling on a regular basis.

For more advice on the BioRePeel treatment, skin treatments in general or any other skin care needs please contact Kingswood Parks Clinics on 01482 440084.

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