Changing skin care through the Winter

Surely everyone wants healthy, glowing, and moisturised skin?

There are always mixed opinions with changing skin care and looking after your skin in general. Many people believe in changing their skin care on a bi-monthly basis or half-way through the year as they feel it isn’t as effective after a certain period. Changes in weather always accumulate to dryer or more oiler skin or lead to break outs. We highly recommend to always change your skin care during the winter months and this is why…

Changes in temperature from hot to cold causes an imbalance of oils within the skin. Dryer and colder weather cause the skin cells to shrink and the body not to regulate oil as much due to less excess sweating and the epidermal tissue to have a lack of dehydration. With dryer skin, it becomes a more weaker, lipid barrier and thus means the skin loses it efficiency in retaining and absorbing moisture. People in the winter weather always forget to moisturise or alternatively don’t use the right products and ingredients to get the maximise moisture.

The changes in humidity also effect our skin; over the winter periods the humidity is lower due to the colder air outside and hotter homes inside (we all love to crank the heating up during the winter months!) which in turn causes a lack of hydration in the skin. The harsh dryer winds in winter can cause windburn which causes our skin to be come more red and dryer. Mature skin is more susceptible to this due to a more weaker lipid barrier. We should always be adding hydration from both the outside and within!

What products should I use?

Our Alumier MD professionals at Kingswood Parks Clinics are always here to recommend the most amazing skin products with active stable ingredients to help manage all skin types; including the dryer skin! With amazing derived ingredients and all clinically proven to work, you can be confident they are effective.

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Ceramides are amazing in helping to reform and protect the natural lipid barrier (a fatty acid barrier that protects the skin while absorbing and maintaining moisture levels in the stratum cornium). Naicamide or most commonly known as Vitamin B3 increases the amount of ceramides and fatty acids in the skin which are key components of the lipid barrier. These help increase moisture levels and boost hydration!

Hyaluronic acid or sodium hyaluronate (a form of hyaluronic acid) holds 1,000 times its weight in water, making skin plumper softer and smoother. This ingredient works by drawing water into the outer layers of the skin from deeper within; adding an increased amount of hydration. Both high and low molecular weight hyaluronic acid is used to help increase hydration levels through the epidermis to dermal junction and surrounding cells.

You can find these actives in some of Alumier MD’s moisturisers and particular in their Ultimate Boost Serum; a firm favourite at Kingswood Parks Clinics!

Do I still need to apply an SPF?

Always! This is as essential even in the cold, when it isn’t particularly sunny, winter periods. The sun is always there, regardless if it’s out and shining bright or if it’s hidden behind the clouds. UV rays will always penetrate the skin and cause harm and damage to surrounding cells. Risks include shrinkage of fibroblasts, damage of melanocytes and always the compromising of the natural lipid barrier. Using an SPF of at least 40 is always recommend to preserve skin health. Our Alumier MD professionals highly recommend using their Sheer Hydration SPF 40 for added hydration, and physical Broad Spectrum sun protection for harmful UVA and UVB rays.

Any other tips….?

Try using more warm water on your skin. This will help decrease the amount of trans epidermal water loss and will minimise the drying effect of the skin.

Drink plenty of water to keep the body hydrated. This will boost water back through the dermal and epidermal cells increasing hydration.

Don’t stop exfoliating! To most people’s belief they think exfoliating will dry the skin out, however with the right ingredients this is false. Chemical is always better than manual when it comes to exfoliating and use of ingredients like lactic acid will allows the skin to retain moisture while increasing cellular turn over.

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