Christmas is coming…..

With Christmas fast approaching, the Kingswood Parks Clinics team have a few suggestions to ensure your mouth remains as happy as the rest of you, during the festive period.

Naughty nibbling

With so many tempting treats, grazing at buffets or even nibbling at extra sweets and snacks result in our teeth being under attack much more frequently. Everyone wants to enjoy festive foods, but just be mindful of when eating sugary treats in particular.

Brushing after fizz

While it’s great to be mindful of brushing, wait at least 2 hours before brushing after enjoying a glass or 2 of the fizz. This is the same after all acidic food and drinks, to reduce any damage caused to the teeth.

Stick to the scissors

Don’t cut tape, labels etc with your teeth, this can lead to chipping and breaking.


Our typical daily routine of work may not be the same, but it is important we don’t forget our regular routine of regular brushing and flossing. Also, if you’re going away pack the essentials; toothbrush, floss, tepes, mouth waste as well as retainers or straightening aligners where applicable.

Get booked in

Firstly get your dental appointments booked in; if you are due a check up, get it booked in as soon as possible; all practices will be closed for at least an extra few days, while the team here are on hand a lot of the holidays for advice and emergency appointments, get booked in, in advance where possible. Even if you have no issues, arrange your check up or hygiene appointment, and if you have any worries or niggles, get them checked out so they don’t interfere or affect your holidays.

And, if those appointments aren’t quite due and you don’t have any issues, get your appointments booked for the New Year, so your 2022 has a positive start.

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