Cosmetic and general dentistry

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Making sure you’re dentally fit and healthy is our main priority!!!!

Here at Kingswood Parks Clinics we are renowned for our ‘smile makeovers’; helping give you the perfect smile you’ve always dreamed of, while boosting your self esteem and confidence. We love the reaction of our patients when they see their new smile in the mirror for the first time, maybe correcting a life-long problem or after totally transforming their teeth.

It gives us huge pleasure! But we are dental professionals so above all else and will always recommend any treatment first that you may need for the health of your teeth and gums. Some people have many months’ worth of cosmetic treatment and don’t always think to have a general check up with us and continue their oral health journey here at Kingswood Parks.

On our social media we tend to share a lot of our smile makeovers including veneers, composite bonding, Invisalign results and teeth whitening as these are huge transformations and we know our followers love to see them. We do also post on the importance of general check-ups, scale and polish visits and hygiene appointments but we understand these posts don’t always receive the most love!

The process….To assess the best cosmetic options for you we will book you in for a consultation with our clinical Director, Amy Northern-Hills. This consultation will give you a detailed plan with each appointment broken down and pricing for every step of the way, you may have a number of different options to achieve your desired results and again these will all be given to you in detail so you can take them away and make an informed choice.

We understand these are big decisions to make! Before any cosmetic work is carried out we will then book a patient in for a general check-up initially to check you are dentally fit for the cosmetic work and give you a recommended treatment plan if needed. The health of your teeth and gums when having treatments such as teeth whitening is incredibly important. Similarly, once you’ve completed your cosmetic treatment with us we’d love you to stay registered as a general patient for all of your 6 monthly check ups and cleans. These can be booked in with our patient care coordinator at your review appointment. This is where we check you are happy with all of your treatment, an opportunity to give us feedback and see if there’s anything more we can do.

Whether it is cosmetic dental work or general hygiene you are interested in, call us today to speak to our patient coordinator and we can help you start your journey with us a Kingswood Parks Clinics:

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