Digital Composite Veneers

Hulls leading Dental Practice for Digitally Designed Composite Veneers

Do you want a new smile but are unsure how it will look? Do you want to design and see your final shape, size and look in your mouth before you decide if it’s the right smile for you?

Digitally Designed Composite Veneers are fast becoming the treatment of choice for patients and celebrity smile make overs nationwide in improving the appearance of your overall smile. Composite Bonding is also known as composite veneers and can be performed in 2 ways; “free hand” and “digital design”.

Digital design is the gold standard in composite veneers, a predictable and precise method of designing the veneers utilising the precision and expertise of dental design software and laboratory technicians giving outstanding results. You can design your smile together with your clinician, giving you the bespoke and unique veneers to meet your expectation and smile goals. The mould used for your final veneers is created with natural features and contours of teeth, allowing the final result to replicate natural tooth anatomy and shine.

Your veneer design is crafted by a specialist lab technician within dental software enabling each tooth size and shape to be created digitally. This method takes into account your bite, your opposing teeth, adjacent teeth and uses the brain of the smile software to ensure the teeth are crafted bespoke to you, your face and your overall smile.

This method is ideal for patients who have a complex smile that requires the support of dental software and specialist lab technician to help create the ideals and end product. Patients who wish to see their design first, can have an extra appointment called a smile trial or mock up, where we can place the veneer design in a temporary way over your teeth for a short period, enabling you to see how they feel and look, face-time a family member and take some photos to really assess if it's the smile you're wanting.

Why Kingswood Parks for Digital Composite Veneers?

KP Dental Clinic is one of the area’s leading cosmetic dental practices, known for its outstanding results and expert team. We have, for many years been the place to come for composite veneers due to the expertise and experience of our practitioners in this field. You can feel confident you are receiving the very best treatment at Kingswood Parks, having carried out hundreds of composite veneer smile makeovers.

Our team have been trained by the best in the world, travelling as far as Dubai as well as London, Manchester and celebrity clinics in Liverpool.

We use the latest techniques surrounding composite and only the best materials and best laboratories available giving us the best results.

Frequently asked questions

Are digital design veneers better than standard dental bonding?

Neither method can be called better. Digital design gives more precise results as the design and shape is created in specialist software which the human eye cannot compete with.

Can I choose what colour and shade teeth I want?

Yes, the shade we use is chosen together prior to treatment. However, if your teeth are naturally much darker than the shade you want, tooth whitening may be required prior and the veneers may need to be made thicker to mask the shade of your own teeth. The whiter you go, the more maintenance is required and more staining may show.

How long do the veneers last?

Composite veneers last approximately 7-10 years with home care and regular maintenance required. The benefit of digital composite is that the veneers are placed in 1 layer, this makes it stronger than the free hand method where layers are built up.

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