Fixed Orthodontics

Fixed Teeth Straightening in Hull

Are you dissatisfied with your crooked teeth? Do you wish you had that perfect straight smile? Are your teeth causing you difficulties and pain? Whether it’s to improve your bite, oral health or purely for cosmetic reasons, Hull’s Kingswood Parks Dental Clinic has many teeth straightening options to help you achieve your dream smile. We offer a huge range of tooth straightening options from fixed orthodontic braces, clear aligners, Invisalign and more. Our aim is to be able to offer every patient an option to suit them, their teeth, their goals and budget.

Straightening your teeth is much more than a cosmetic treatment. Having straight teeth has benefits to the overall health, your mouth and your body. Having teeth that are easier to clean, floss and maintain can reduce the risk of gum disease and dental decay whilst giving you that confidence to smile.

Why Kingswood Parks for Fixed Braces?

Here at Kingswood Parks Dental Clinic, we pride ourselves on providing the best in general and cosmetic private dentistry in the Hull area using the latest technology. Our in-house orthodontic dentist offers a range of tooth straightening options and systems to help suit your needs, budget and smile design. We have a very friendly Patient Care Co-ordinator that can sit down and go through every step of your orthodontic treatment plan with you and answer any questions you may have. We cater for all different budgets and offer numerous finance options to our patients to help you get on the path to straight teeth at a timeline that suits you.

Frequent Asked Questions

How long do I wear fixed braces for?

Most patients wear fixed orthodontics for 9-12 months. This could be shorter for those requiring minimal movement, or longer for those with more complex treatment requirements.

How much do fixed braces cost?

Each client requires a different treatment plan depending on the movement needed. Our fixed orthodontics start at £1995, however options and pricing will be discussed in depth during your consultation.

Will I need to wear retainers?

Yes, with all braces and orthodontic treatments you must wear life long retainers. We offer several options including fixed retainers which is a small wire glued to the back of the teeth as well as removable clear retainers which should be worn when sleeping for the rest of your life to prevent relapse.

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