Hulls Smile Makeover Specialists

Are you unhappy with the way your teeth look and dream of the perfect smile? Would you like to trial your dream smile design before committing to treatment? A smile makeover consultation is your first step along your journey with us here at Kingswood Parks Dental Clinic in Hull, where our team have helped hundreds of patients achieve life changing results.

The smile makeover consultation consists of an initial assessment of your teeth and gums, whilst discussing your desired end goals. This will allow the treating clinician to analyse and explain the best treatment options for you. Using the latest in digital technology, we will carry out a thorough 3D digital scan of your teeth. This will show both you and the clinician a precise 3D replication of your teeth and can allow you to explain in detail what specific changes you would like to make to your smile design, including the shape, length and edges of your teeth, how you want the teeth to look and even the fine details of the tiny spaces between the bottom of your teeth.

Together, you and the clinician will look at different smile designs, different results and even celebrity smiles you would like to achieve. There is no one size fits all, creating a bespoke smile design for you and your teeth allows you to have the control over the end result.

Why Kingswood Parks for a Smile Makeover?

As one of the areas most reputable clinics for smile makeovers, carrying out multiple transformations each week, we have the experience, technology and techniques to transform you and your confidence. From teeth whitening to clear braces and from subtle edge bonding to full porcelain veneers, we help select the perfect treatment plan for each of our patients.

You’ll feel right at home in our brand new modern, relaxing practice. You can choose your favourite music or movies for your long appointments with us. You will have a dedicated member of the team to support you during your patient journey and answer any queries you may have throughout your treatment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is everybody suitable for a smile makeover?

Some patients may not be suitable for veneers and may require teeth straightening treatment to achieve their desired goal or a combination of both. At the consultation we can discuss all the options and arrange referrals to either other in-house members of the team. Any work that is clinically required must be completed prior to starting cosmetic work to ensure the health of your teeth and gums, remains the priority.

How many appointments will my smile makeover be?

For smile make overs using dental bonding, this can be as little as 2 appointments over a matter of weeks. However, for more complex cases including teeth straightening, this can take up to 12 months or more. Every patient's smile design is unique and requires a different treatment plan. For digital composite veneers, this usually takes 3 appointments over 6 weeks. However, for all cosmetic work, the teeth and gums must be healthy prior to starting your cosmetic work.

What if I want my teeth to be much whiter?

Most patients having a smile make over start with teeth whitening to help lift their natural teeth to a whiter shade. This then allows the composite or porcelain veneers to be matched to the new whiter shade. For teeth straightening, we include free teeth whitening at the end of your treatment. Without whitening, veneers would need to be matched to the current shade of your teeth in most cases.

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