Could vitamin B12 injections help me??

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What are B12 injections?

B12 is a water-soluble vitamin which people are commonly deficient in. B12 is naturally found in foods such as meats, dairy, and fish. This is how the body typically receives B12, through the foods we consume; once absorbed into the body, it plays a huge part in the formation of red blood cells and the functioning of the nervous system.  You may suspect that you may be B12 deficient but the best, most effective way to know is if you have a blood test arranged through your GP.

Vitamin B12 (commonly known as folate) deficiency anaemia occurs when a lack of vitamin B12 or folate causes the body to produce abnormally large red blood cells that can’t function properly in the body. 

So what are the causes of a vitamin B12 or folate deficiency?

-Anaemia; where your immune system attacks healthy cells in your stomach, preventing your body from absorbing vitamin B12 from the food you eat; this is the most common cause of vitamin B12 deficiency  

-A lack of vitamins in your diet; this can occur if you have a vegan diet, follow a fad diet, or have a generally poor diet for a long period

-Medication; certain medications, including anticonvulsants and proton pump inhibitors (PPIs), can affect how much of these vitamins your body absorbs  


Both vitamin B12 deficiency and folate deficiency are more common in older people, affecting around 1 in 10 people aged 75 or over, and 1 in 20 people aged 65 to 74. 


These are an example of the foods high in B12 


Beef kidney 


Canned salmon 

Ground beef 





What are the symptoms of B12 deficiency? 


-Lack of energy  

-Pins and needles sensation 

-Disturbed vision 

-Pale yellow tinge to your skin 

-Sore and red tongue (glossitis) 

-Mouth ulcers 


What are the benefits of having B12 injections? 

-Improves joint pains like arthritis  

-Increases energy levels and concentration 

-Improves metabolism and aids with weight loss 

-Helps improve sleep patterns 

-Helps stop certain types of hair loss 

-Boosts the immune system 

-Lowers the risk of heart disease 


Here at Kingswood Parks Clinics, you will initially attend for a consultation to understand why you feel like you need it, ask multiple questions, and make sure this is the right treatment for you.  

You will also see our prescriber for the injections and from here you can book your treatment in.  

Our Patient Care Coordinator will be able to assist you in guiding you through whether you would like to purchase a package to make each injection slightly cheaper or just pay for your injections as you have them.  

We recommend you to have B12 injections every 12 weeks if deficient in the vitamin, however if someone is really suffering with symptoms, then we can do an intense 4-week course where you will come in and have an injection once a week then this will go to every 12 weeks after this. 

For more details or to arrange an appointment, please contact the practice on 01482 440084