Membership Plans

We work with Practice Plan, the UK's leading provider in membership plans, to allow our patients to afford top quality dental and skin care, by spreading the cost over smaller monthly costs by subscribing to our bespoke plans.

Our plans support a preventative approach to dental and skin care; as a Kingswood Parks Clinic patient you will be provided with the best oral and skin care advice, current knowledge, innovative techniques and treatments, and ongoing support and assistance all while benefiting from luxury of our private clinic and our attentive staff.

We have various plan options available to suit you as an individual, which can be adjusted to suit your personal care, requirements, and budget. Plans can also be adjusted throughout your journey as required; either by increasing frequency or reducing depending, this is a simple, quick process which you can also manage.

Practice Plans suit individuals who may have had extensive treatment who want to enjoy healthy teeth and gums for life, commit to regular check-ups and hygiene visits or those who want to benefit from regular cosmetic treatment.

Plan members also reap additional benefits including discount off additional restorative or medical treatment, discount off products as well as Worldwide cover.

Worldwide cover offers you peace of mind when you travel abroad or within the UK, in the event of a dental emergency or dental injury.

The sign-up process is as simple as the concept too; as soon as after your initial appointment you can discuss the plan most suited to you and your needs.

Dental Plans

Initial new patient dental health check (DHC) is required prior to joining any membership plan.

PlanMonthly costIncludes
Adult Membership 12+£13 (worth £236)2 x DHC with scale and polish (every 6 months)
Child Membership 3-12£7 (worth £150)2 x DHC with polish
2 x fluoride applications (at DHC)
50% off fissure sealants
White Smile Membership£39 (worth £733)2x DHC with scale and polish (every 6 months)
2x air polishes (between exam appts)
Home TW trays & 4 gels per year (provided 6months into membership)
£150 off ZOOM in house sessions (4cycles no trays/gels)
Hygiene Membership£20 (worth £374)2 xDHC (every 6 months)
4x scale and polish (every 3 months)
50% off periodontal treatment/RSD if required

Skin Plans

Initial new patient consultation is required prior to joining any skin membership plan.

PlanMonthly costIncludes
Botox Membership£392 Areas of botox every 4 months (plus free top up at the 2 week review. Extra area £25 payable on the day)
Lip Membership£302 x lip enhancement treatments per year
Ultimate Skin Membership£624 sessions Micro needling per year (every 3 months)
2 sessions skin boosters per year (8 weeks apart)


  • Must have paid 2 payments prior to first appointment covered by the plan
  • Initial appointment(s) prior to signing up to the plan will need to be paid in full
  • 10% off clinical needed treatment
  • TW is supplied at month 6
  • Children aged 3-12
  • Children 0-3 FREE, if brought with parent at their exam