Emergency dental appointments during Covid-19

Are you currently in pain? Or are you suffering with increased swelling or irritation? Here at Kingswood Parks Clinics we are operating to our full functionality during the Covid 19 pandemic. With increased demands for dental work and requirements for pain relief we are here to help with all dental treatments; with strict measures in place to minimise the risk of cross infection.

Worryingly emergency appointments are becoming more frequent under the current restrictions and with limited dental appointments available elsewhere there is a growing concern in the detrimental long term affects to our body and oral health. As proud as Kingswood Parks Clinics are at aiding all patients in relief of pain, sometimes additional appointments are required, however we will always try our best to see most, if not all, emergency patients as soon as possible.

All emergency appointments are chargeable and are a way to aid in helping to minimise or eliminate pain were necessary. Most emergency appointments will mean that if treatment is required to eliminate pain it will be done on that appointment, this would all be dependent on the severity of the case. However in some cases there may be a delay in the treatment if longer time is required or it may be something more extensive. Kingswood Parks Dental team will always try their best to ease pain within the initial appointment.

So, do I need to be registered?

Kingswood Parks Clinics will take on any patients for emergency treatment meaning you don’t have to be registered to the practice or be a current patient to be eligible for an emergency appointment. All emergency appointments won’t need to be fully triaged like most NHS practices due to our advancement in PPE and air purification/filter systems, plus additional measures. We do however carry out pre covid risk assessments prior to anyone coming to the practice to make sure our patients’ and staff safety is maintained.

After all emergency appointments we do recommend a standard new patient examination in order for us to perform a full gum and oral health screening, and will allow us to follow up after your initial emergency appointment. This would register you to practice if you wished to continue using KP Clinics for your future dental treatment!

What treatments can we do to help?

Kingswood Parks Clinics offer all dental treatments for both general and cosmetic dentistry. With emergency appointments it would all depend on the severity of the individual case and what treatment would be needed. We will always try our best to save a tooth to help in preserving the natural anatomy of the face rather than take the tooth out; however in some cases the tooth may not be salvageable and would need a extraction.

Until you are able to attend your dental appointment, Kingswood Parks Clinics would recommend Sensodyne toothpaste or ACP relief gel to help minimise pain and sensitivity.

Sensodyne toothpaste is a good ointment to use for increased hyper sensitivity. It is the only toothpaste to contain a significant percentage of novamin (roughly about 6-7%). This active ingredient is a bi product of calcium phosphate and is the only substance to aid in tooth sensitivity by forming an active barrier over the teeth and minimising hyper sensitivity. It works by forming a crystalline hydroxyapatite layer over exposed enamel, and by inhibiting demineralisation and re-mineralises surface tooth enamel. Please note this can take time as it has only a small amount of novamin. To help maintain good oral health and assist with sensitivity, Kingswood Parks Clinics offers a novamin treatment which has 99% novamin; offering up to 6 months of dentin protection.

Should you require emergency dental assistance or be interested in treatments to aid with conditions such as sensitivity, please call the practice on 01482 440084.