Fillers!! What’s hot and what’s not!

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After so many of us may have missed our regular treatments throughout lockdown, now we

are reaching normality we can finally book in those facial tweaks we’ve always wanted!

Aesthetic treatments are always a huge talking point and remain a firm favourite with

celebrities and those we follow in the media. Trends certainly come and go but dermal

fillers have stood the test of the time and appointments are once again filling up for the rest

of 2021.

These aesthetic treatments continue to be hugely popular with our patients and we don’t

expect this to change. It certainly isn’t one size fits all!

We pride ourselves on being at the forefront of skin care and anti ageing treatments, and

our ethos maintained by our clinical lead, Amy Hills, remains to be ‘If it doesn’t work –

we don’t offer it’. We test any new treatments available on the market and endeavour to

deliver the latest techniques and technology to give our patients the best possible results.

So, what are dermal fillers?

Typically fillers are made from hyaluronic acid which is naturally found in the body and is a

water bonding compound, resulting in increased hydration. They are a great way to help

restore lost volume as well as adding extra volume to shape and define, considering the

proportions of the face giving it a natural and balanced result.

Dermal fillers can be used to give enhancement to the lips, chin, jawline, cheeks, under eye (tear trough) and the nose (non surgical rhinoplasty).

Adding volume to the face requires a deep understanding of facial anatomy, bone

structures, soft tissue and muscles as well as having knowledge on facial proportions.

Before any aesthetic treatments are carried out a full skin analysis consultation is required.

This allows our experts to assess your specific needs and recommend the best treatments to

give you your desired look.

When dermal fillers became popular the ‘bigger the better’ motto was born and this is a

look which has become less popular with celebrities opting for a more natural look. We

believe at Kingswood Parks Clinics that dermal fillers are a perfect choice to give you the shape and

definition you want, giving balanced proportions and a beautifully natural result.

The results can last 6-18 moths depending on the brand of filler , the age of the patient and

the technique used. Decreased longevity can be a result of sun exposure or lack of hydration.

Popular Favourites

Lip enhancement is an undisputed favourite amongst fans of injectables and is still as

popular as ever. Lip fillers give added volume, projection and border definition. It’s also

ideal for those experiencing reduced volume due to ageing. Increased media coverage

warning against underqualified practitioners providing excessive amounts of filler has led

to people opting for a more natural look, seeking a more subtle, profile enhancing result

from a qualified professional.

Non Surgical Rhinoplasty; a filler alternative to plastic surgery is a hot topic of discussion.

This treatment can take as little as 15 minutes and can be life changing for people with

anxiety about the profile of their nose.

Th procedure consists of injecting filler, such as hyaluronic acid, underneath the skin to

change the structure of the nose. This can straighten the nose, raise the hump or bump and

raise a hooked or drooping tip. This is a safe and effective treatment when administered by

a trained healthcare professional that gives incredible instant results that last for several


Emerging treatments…

Undereye filler (trough filler) has recently soared in popularity and is a great treatment to

reduce the depth of the crease between you lower eyelid and upper part of the cheek. This

trough becomes more pronounced with age but can also be inherited. The trough can form

a shadow creating the illusion of tiredness and makeup can’t correct this. Using a cannula

dermal filler is placed in this delicate area with minimal risk of bruising, discomfort or

swelling. The trough filler treatment is highly effective in making the skin appear tighter and


Cheek fillers are quickly becoming the most preferred facial injectables second to lips and is

one of the most in demand treatments of 2021. As we get older we lose soft tissue around

the cheekbones resulting in a hollow, sunken and tired appearance.

Fillers are placed under the skin to add volume and plump the area giving a more youthful

contour, smooth any lines and give a more defined looking bone structure giving you the

perfect canvas for on trend highlighter!

Jawline fillers give remarkable results. High density filler is used to contour the jawline and

enhance the side profile creating a sharp and defined look.

This is also very popular with patients who have a naturally weak jaw or chin and mature

patients who ,through the ageing process, have lost definition in their jawline. A hugely

popular choice with celebrities wanting a chiselled look. The outcome is immediate and can

be quite remarkable.

Chin enhancement. Another hugely popular treatment for those opting for a non surgical

procedure. To achieve better projection, sculpt the jawline, soften jowls and improve

general proportions and side profile this treatment can totally reshape the chin and lower

face. If you look in the mirror and feel your side profile is out of proportion this could be the

treatment for you and being non invasive it offers a brilliant alternative with minimum down

time and associated risks of going under the knife.


All of these procedures are designed to enhance your natural features and give you more

confidence. We asked our highly trained Aesthetics Practitioner Dillon Booth for his

thoughts on the popularity of dermal fillers and the moving trends. He said ‘fillers are as

popular as ever but people certainly want a more natural look than previously. There is also

more emphasis on treatments that can give a more youthful appearance. People do need to

have realistic expectations and not compare themselves to celebrity images in the media.

My ethos is -why go big when you can go natural’.


For prices and more information on these treatments check out the Dermal Fillers section of

the website and book in for your Skin Analysis Consultation with one of our trained

professionals to assess the most suited options to achieve your desired look:

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