Fluoride varnish….what is it?

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Due to children (and adults) being unable to arrange routine dental check ups during the recent lockdowns, as well as children’s typical routines being disrupted- including eating and snacking, even if it was to give parents a few quiet minutes, the dental industry is witnessing a wave of post-lockdown tooth decay.

Almost a third of the UK’s population of under 5 year olds, and half of those by the age of 8 will have experienced some dental decay.

So what is fluoride varnish?

Fluoride varnish treatment has been proven to reduce dental caries in milk teeth by 37%, and 43% in adult teeth. Dental professionals recommend it is applied to all children’s teeth at least twice a year. It is a natural mineral which is used to slow down and prevent the development of tooth decay from an early age. The varnish is a pale yellow gel that is applied to the top and sides of the teeth using a soft brush which quickly sets, making it difficult for acid to attack. It has a pleasant taste and often a fruity smell.

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Is it safe for children?

Fluoride is a safe dental treatment used on children by all dentists around the world in order to prevent tooth decay. It is very quick to apply with only a tiny amount used. It also comes in all different flavours which children often like.  This treatment can be carried out during your child’s dental visit, 2-4 times per year dependant on how likely it is for a cavity to develop.

Why is it important?

Healthy gums and teeth are extremely important to your child’s overall health, and by applying the fluoride gel from an early stage, it can help to prevent any dental caries and cavities in the future. Although fluoride cannot remove decay, it does support healthy tooth enamel and the growth of harmful oral bacteria.


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