Gender differences with facial aesthetics


Whilst facial aesthetic treatments have been more popular with women for many years, men begin to make up a growing proportion of patients with a desire to look younger, change the proportions of their face or generally improve their confidence and self-esteem.

The chief concern remains the same, with increased scrutiny on male and females’ appearance, we want to reduce the visible signs of ageing, achieve a more youthful, vibrant and energized appearance whilst enhancing the natural characteristics of the male and female face.

Experienced practitioners understand the correct proportions and the optical illusions that can occur when changing one part of the face or another. Understanding the different anatomy, skin biology and bone structure is critical to achieve the perfect aesthetic outcome for a patient. Women generally want a softer more youthful look with men wanting to sharpen and define their features to appear more masculine.

How we differ

Most of the physical differences between men and women are as a result of the hormones, testosterone and oestrogen. Men tend to be larger with squarer skulls and females smaller in stature with more rounded oval skulls.

When it comes to skin, men’s tend to be thicker and darker with females having more pale and delicate skin. Men’s muscles are generally larger and fat distribution is totally different in women. Hair distribution is also very different. Men tend to have larger straighter noses. Male’s eyebrows tend to be thicker and straighter with women having more of an arched brow.

Lips are always a popular aesthetic treatment, female lips are generally much fuller with a more defined cupids bow, men’s lips tend to be longer, thinner and less full. Men’s jaws tend to be larger and more square in appearance with women having a smaller jaw with a more sloping appearance. Increasing volume in the middle part of the face can feminise and re energise the face, with all of these things considered it is the clinician’s responsibility to ensure the facial changes are right for the patient and can achieve the desired result. At Kingswood Parks Clinics, we pride ourselves on having in depth knowledge of these factors, helping us give the right advice for each patient as one size certainly doesn’t fit all.

With all of these things considered, anatomically, men generally need more anti-wrinkle product than women due to the larger, denser area to achieve a similar effect to women. A key area when administering anti-wrinkle injections is the brow area. The ideal feminine shape is more arched with men wanting an eyebrow which sits lower on the brow bone. The hairline is also a big consideration with men generally having a higher hairline so the anti-wrinkle injecting patterns may need to be modified to achieve a natural result.

It is common for men to aim for a more subtle result than women, understanding these factors can avoid feminising and removing the character from a male’s face.

Dermal fillers…

Fillers are most commonly used to fill lines but can also alter and enhance the proportions of the face. With the ability to dramatically alter the proportions of the face, the differences are even more important. For example, a fuller more rounded cheek area can create a more youthful look, enhancing the cheekbone prominence, feminising the face. A tight, sharp jawline is desired by both men and women and can be achieved with facial contouring, creating a strong square shaped jaw and chin area can masculinise the face whilst jawline contouring can be used in a subtler way to enhance the side profile and achieve a more youthful look desired to feminise the lower face.

If you are unhappy with your facial proportions, changing the most obvious thing may not always be the best option. For example, moving the chin backwards or forwards can create an optical illusion. The nose then appears larger or smaller by advancing the chin point. So rather than undergoing rhinoplasty, a surgical procedure, consider your aesthetic options which could give you the result you are hoping for at a fraction of the price, with less risk.

We offer in depth consultations with our aesthetic practitioners to discuss your desired results and put together a treatment plan, bespoke to each patient, to help achieve your goals and help you gain that confidence and self-esteem.

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