Dental decay is the biggest childhood disease in the UK. With over 20% of children aged between 2-12 having a least 1 tooth with untreated decay. It is essential to ensure excellent oral health from a young age whilst teaching children the importance of tooth brushing and sugar attacks.

Acclimatising children to the dental environment from a young age has been proved to reduce the risk of dental phobias and build a good relationship from the start. Beginning to understand the importance of good brushing and flossing as a child can prevent long term tooth decay and gum disease.

We offer a range of preventative treatment for children such as fissure sealants and topical fluoride treatment to help strengthen teeth and help prevent decay.

Children between the age of 3-12 will require a routine health check every 6-12 months. During this appointment the clinician will assess your child's teeth, gums and oral hygiene. Children under 3 are free during their parent’s examination.

Frequently asked Qs

My Child is under 3, how much will their dental exam be

Children are encouraged to come to the dentist from 6 months when their first teeth appear. Children up to the age of 3 can attend free of charge and have their teeth assessed during their parent’s examination.

Will you teach them if they are brushing wrong?

Our dental clinicians will provide advice and guidance to you and your children relating to areas such as brushing, flossing and diet.

What if my child needs a filling?

With over 20% of children having an untreated tooth with decay it’s important to diagnose this early resulting in a small filling. Catching decay early can present a child needing to have a tooth removed or a deep filling that may require local anaesthetic. If your child needs a filling it may be offered on the same day or for nervous children, we would offer to bring them back.

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