Do you have a missing tooth or gap when smiling? A dental bridge from Kingswood Parks Dental Clinic can help you achieve a healthy fulfilled smile once again. If you’re looking for a fixed long-term solution for a missing tooth but don’t want to undergo oral surgery or wear a removable denture, a bridge could be the perfect fit for you. Bridging the gap with a false tooth can restore a healthy smile, healthy diet and healthy life.

A dental bridge is a false tooth or teeth made from porcelain which are suspended from adjacent teeth. This can replace either a single tooth or multiple missing teeth in a row that may have been extracted or lost due to trauma, decay or other factors, leaving an unsightly gap. You may think a gap between your teeth may not affect your remaining teeth, however there are numerous issues that could arise if the gap is left over a period of time. Although you may be in no discomfort, your adjacent teeth may move into the gap over time. This could affect the way you speak, smile and bite. You may also be conscious of eating and biting into certain foods or smiling, all of which in turn can affect self-confidence.

There are several ways in which a bridge could be fitted, each involves suspending the false tooth from the tooth or teeth next to the gap. This may be in the form of a wing which is bonded to the back of the tooth next door, or a crown. The try of bridge best suited to your spaces, gap and bite will be discussed by your dentist. Each bridge is fabricated, and custom made in a laboratory to suit the patient and their smile.

At Kingswood Parks Dental Clinic in Hull, you will receive a treatment plan bespoke to you and your budget, with a patient care co-ordinator on hand through your entire journey, ensuring complete patient satisfaction. We use the most advanced materials for your porcelain bridge, ensuring your bridge blends in with your remaining teeth and completes your smile once again.

Frequently asked Qs

What are the alternatives to a bridge?

There are two other alternatives to a bridge. The first is an implant in which a false tooth is permanently screwed into the bone. The other alternative is a denture which is a removable fixture, where a false tooth/teeth are suspended from a plate.

How long does it take to have a bridge fitted?

A bridge is fitted over two appointments. The first appointment is to prep the anchoring teeth ready to support the bridge and to take the impression/3D scan of the bridge to send to the laboratory.

How do you clean a bridge?

Due to the fact a bridge has a gap above the false tooth, it is imperative this area is cleaned daily with special super floss which shall be provided by your dentist.

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