Routine Adult Dental Health Check

Patients often feel they do not need to attend the dentist unless they are having problems. It’s important to remember prevention is better than the cure. Whilst you may not have pain or any immediate concerns, it's vital to have your teeth and gums checked every 6 months by a dental professional. Early signs of decay and gum disease are not often noticed by patients until it's painful, which leads to more extensive work being needed.

Regular attenders who come every 6-12 months will require a routine dental health check. At this appointment the clinician will assess your general oral health, your teeth and any current fillings, perform a gum screening; checking for signs of gum disease and check for signs of oral cancer. We will also discuss any concerns you may be experiencing, or treatment needed.

Why KP Dental?

The team at KP Dental are a highly experienced team of practitioners and dental professionals who are at the forefront of dentistry and treatment techniques. Whether your family want routine dental care, or a smile make over, KP Dental can cater to your needs ensuring your health checks are informative and putting your best interests at heart.

Frequently asked Qs

How often should I have a dental health check?

Patients are recommended to come every 6-12 months depending on their risk. For patients with excellent oral health, minimal fillings and great healthy gums, annually may be recommended by the clinician. For those with a higher risk of dental decay, lots of fillings or any signs of gum disease, it may be recommended every 6 months. Your dental professional will always advise the patients when they need to return.

Will this appointment include a scale and polish?

A scale and polish is a separate appointment ranging from 20-40 minutes dedicated to the removal of tartar and staining. A dental health check concentrates on the examination of your teeth and gums as well as providing any advice and treatment you may need or want.

How long will the routine examination take?

We allocate 20-30 minutes for a routine dental health check. You may also see our patient care coordinator afterwards to discuss any treatment recommended and book any future appointments.

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