Are you suffering from a broken tooth? Do you have a heavily filled tooth that keeps chipping?

At Kingswood Parks Dental Clinic we offer crowns as a popular solution to getting you back your dream smile and restoring a damaged tooth. A crown can protect and preserve the natural tooth underneath as a long-term solution for the future. Here at KP Dental we use quality bespoke crowns made in a laboratory which will fit perfectly in shape, size and colour to match your existing teeth.

A crown is a tooth-shaped cap made from either metal, porcelain or a combination of both, which is secured over the remainder of your tooth. Full porcelain crowns are becoming more and more popular due to the advancement in materials that make the crown completely blend in aesthetically, avoiding the grey and metal shadow at the gum line often seen with a metal backed crown.

A broken, damaged or decayed tooth can be unsightly and dampen your confidence. A crown may be recommended by your dentist for numerous reasons, such as after a previous root canal treatment or where the tooth is too damaged to be fixed with a filling. The treatment will usually consist of one appointment to prepare the tooth. This involves removing any damaged tooth ready for the tooth to be able to hold the new crown. The dentist will also take an impression or 3D scan of the tooth so it can be sent to a laboratory for your bespoke crown to be made. Finally, the dentist will fit a temporary crown until your new crown is ready. The second and final appointment will be to remove the temporary crown and fit the new crown to your tooth.

At KP Dental Clinic we use advanced, quality materials for our porcelain crowns, commonly known as e-max. You can walk away knowing you not only have a new crown that looks aesthetically pleasing but is also made to last. KP Dental prides itself on providing 5-star general and cosmetic dental care and we thrive to ensure every one of our patients not only leaves with their tooth restored with a crown they’re happy with but also with restored confidence.


Is having a crown fitted painful?

Having a crown fitted is not a painful procedure, however, after having a crown fitted it is completely normal to experience some mild discomfort. The tooth may feel sensitive and like it’s not your own, but rest assured this is normal and should return back to normal in just a few days.

How do I know what type of crown I need?

The dentist will always advise you on the best recommendation for your crowns. Gold/metal crowns are very hard wearing and are more suitable for your back teeth, however all porcelain crowns are becoming increasing popular as a more cosmetic option.

How long does a crown last?

A crown is classed as a long-term restorative treatment that is built not just for aesthetics but for longevity. Using the most advanced materials like at KP Dental, the life of a crown can now reach 15 years or more, as long as good oral hygiene is maintained which is of key importance. On some occasions the tooth may require a root canal treatment later in life which can often be done with the crown still in place.

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