Emergency Appointment

Are you in need of an emergency dentist in Hull?

Are you in severe pain? Do you need to see someone as an emergency?

At Kingswood Parks Dental Clinic we understand the importance of being able to see an emergency dentist quickly to get you back on the road to recovery and out of pain.

Getting a patient out of immediate pain is a priority and we aim to see emergencies within 48 hours where possible. This appointment would include an assessment of the pain, any x-rays that may be required, initial treatment for pain relief as well as a prescription for antibiotics if needed. A treatment plan for further treatment indicated would be provided.

Why Kingswood Parks for Dental Emergencies?

As a private dental practice in Hull we prioritise emergency appointments and dedicate appointments in our diary for those in need of emergency care. Whether you’re a current patient or a new patient, our team can examine you and provide you with the treatment you need within 48 hours on most occasions.

The dentists at Kingswood Parks Clinics believe in putting the patient first. We will do our upmost to see a patient in an emergency and even offer emergency appointments before or after regular opening times when possible.

Frequently asked Questions

How much will an emergency appointment cost me?

An initial emergency appointment is charged at £150. This includes the assessment of the pain, any x-rays needed and a prescription of antibiotics if needed to help relieve any pain. Further costs will apply for any additional required treatment as an extraction, filling or root canal.

Will there be extra charges?

In most cases a temporary filling and antibiotics may be required at your initial appointment. There would be extra charges applied to the future appointments for such things as a permanent filling or root canal filling.

What if I’m not a current patient?

We are happy to assess new patients in the case of a dental emergency and pain. We would always advise to contact your own dentist first as they have access to your full dental records and dental history.

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