Here at Kingswood Parks Dental Clinic, we look forward to welcoming new patients with a new patient consultation as the first part of your journey with us. This initial appointment allows us to spend time learning about you, your needs, anxieties and goals to maintain a healthy smile.

For new patients joining the practice or those who haven’t had a check-up for over 18 months, this appointment consists of a full dental health check with an assessment of all teeth and current fillings. A full mouth gum screening where we look for signs of gum disease. A soft tissue check where we look for signs of oral cancer as well as take photographs of your teeth.

Also included is oral health and diet advice to ensure you're looking after your teeth at home. You will be provided with a full treatment plan after your appointment and if you would like, discuss your options and bookings with our dedicated patient care coordinator.

Cosmetic options can also be discussed at this appointment. X-rays may be required at £7 each.

Why KP Dental?

You will be provided with a thorough dental assessment from our highly experienced team while addressing any and all concerns and queries, with patient satisfaction being paramount.

We have a dedicated patient care co-ordinator who will be your main point of contact for all queries and concerns about your future treatment at Kingwood Parks Dental Clinic. You shall be provided with a direct contact email to put your mind at ease throughout any point during your time as a patient at KP Dental.

We provide a modern and relaxing environment where you will be met by our friendly front of house team and offered complimentary refreshments.

Frequently asked Qs

How long is a new patient consultation?

We allocate up to 45 minutes for a new patient consultation, allowing ample time for the clinician to fully assess your teeth and answer all concerns you may have regarding your oral health and smile goals.

What if I’m a nervous patient?

Here at KP Dental we pride ourselves on building a rapport with our patients and all of our friendly team make it their priority to ensure everyone feels completely at ease. We have created a relaxing environment with a warming, tranquil feel, from sky effect ceilings and music of your choice on demand to settle any nerves and ensure you’re comfortable throughout your visit to KP Dental.

How much does it cost?

We charge £65 for this initial dental assessment for all new joiners or those who have visited us in the past that haven’t returned for over 18 months. X-Rays are an additional £7 each.

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