Root Canal

At KP Dental Clinic in Hull we offer exceptional care for patients undergoing RCT. We use state of the art equipment and materials to ensure our patients receive the best treatment. Our team will go that extra mile to make you feel comfortable during your appointment and put any nerves at ease you may have about your treatment.

Do you have large cavities or teeth that are sensitive to hot drinks? Have you been told you need a root canal or tooth extracting?

Gone are the days of the fear of root canal fillings and choosing to have a tooth removed rather than opt for a root canal filling. A lot of deep cavities with extensive decay require a root filling which many patients fear will be painful and opt to have a tooth extracted instead. Root canal treatment can be a simple procedure to eliminate the pain and restore the tooth preventing the need for an extraction and gap in your smile.

The treatment also known at RCT or endodontic treatment is a deeper filling where the pulp/nerve of the tooth is removed, and the roots of the tooth filled. Root canal is usually carried out over 2-3 appointments under local anaesthetic to ensure minimal discomfort. Root fillings are usually indicated when the pulp inside the tooth has become infected or died due to trauma or deep dental decay.

Why KP Dental?

Our team consist of highly experienced practitioners who have undergone extensive training in the art of composite. We use only the very best in composite resins allowing us to create beautifully finished white fillings. Using the highest-grade composite in the industry allows our team to polish and finish your fillings to the highest standard.

Frequently asked Qs

Why would I need a root canal filling?

There are many reasons the nerve of a tooth may become infected or die. This could be from an accident or trauma, to a deep filling and dental decay. Often cavities are left untreated by patients and the decay spreads deeper inside the tooth until it reaches the nerve which then can lead to the need for a root canal filling.

Does a root canal hurt?

You tooth is numbed prior to any treatment and often feels the same to a patient as a routine dental filling. Sometimes antibiotics are required prior to treatment to reduce any infection and allowing the local anaesthetic to work.

How much does a root canal filling cost?

A root canal filling starts at £550 for a front tooth and increases for more complex cases such as back teeth. Price also depends on the complexity and tooth to be treated.

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