Routine Dental Hygiene in Hull

Are you brushing your teeth correctly? Do your gums bleed? Do you have questions about your oral health? Our hygiene and therapists at Kingswood Parks Dental Clinic know it can be confusing knowing what floss to use, what diet to maintain and how best to care for your teeth. Our friendly team are specifically trained in providing excellent oral health advice, including most importantly keeping an eye out for signs of oral cancer and stages of gum disease.

Make your teeth and gums a priority and help promote a healthier lifestyle. Whether it’s visiting for a scale and polish, RSD treatment to fight gum disease or a good deep clean, our hygienists are here to help. Healthy, clean teeth is paramount to your general overall health, so although we understand visiting the dentist can be a daunting experience, you must look after those pearly whites.

At Kingswood Parks, we stress the importance of gum health as an absolute priority. Our bone and gums are the foundations for our teeth and the support for our smile.

Many people are not aware that bleeding gums is the most common early sign of gum disease and this can be caused by an excessive build-up of plaque and tartar on the gum line and between teeth. Addressing the cause of the gum disease is vital and preventing the build-up is key in maintaining oral health.

Why Kingswood Parks Dental for your routine hygiene appointments?

The Kingswood Parks Dental Clinic in Hull understands the importance of oral health and believe in providing all our patients with lengthy, thorough hygiene appointments. Book in for your 20-60 minute hygiene appointment for a full mouth clean and you can leave the practice looking and feeling both healthy and happy.

During your appointment, your teeth will be polished thoroughly to remove those unwanted coffee or smoking stains, rid your teeth of plaque and tartar and unveil the smile that was hiding underneath with the added benefit of fresher breath. A scale and polish is usually performed by one of our experienced hygiene therapists where they will scale your teeth removing the tartar, and polish to remove staining. The costs depend of the time required and the amount of staining and tartar to be removed. In depth oral hygiene advice, gum screening will also be carried out.

Our therapists can answer all your oral hygiene questions, keep you updated with best cleaning, flossing and lifestyle tips for a healthy smile, and help you reduce the risk of more potential serious health conditions that can arise from poor oral healthcare.

Frequently asked Questions

How long will my scale and polish be?

We offer a range of scale and polish options to suit your dental needs and budget. A routine 20-minute scale and polish is for those patients who attend every 3-6 months for a regular and routine clean, whilst maintaining excellent oral health at home. We also offer longer appointments for those patients who have more build up and more staining to remove caused from tea, coffee, smoking or red wine.

How often should I have a hygiene appointment?

Depending on your clinical needs as well as your home care will depend on how frequently you are recommended to attend. Most patients attend every 6 months for a routine 30-minute appointment as well as brushing twice a day at home and using interdental aids such as floss or tepes. Patients who smoke or have excessive staining are recommended to attend every 3 months to ensure we are keeping a close eye on any gum disease.

Does a scale and polish hurt?

This answer can depend a lot upon how healthy your teeth and gums are whilst having a scale and polish. The clean itself is relatively pain free, however patients with unhealthy gums and Periodontal Disease (gum disease) may experience more discomfort when cleaning around the tops of your teeth near the gumline. Some patients may require deeper cleaning under local anaesthetic where there are signs of periodontal disease and bone loss or pocketing.

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