Stain removal treatment in Hull

Do you have excessive staining? Do you suffer with sensitive teeth?

Air polishing is a revolutionary technology which combines a fine powder with water or alcohol and is sprayed at high speed into the hard to reach areas of the teeth, lifting off excessive staining and biofilm leaving a smooth and glossy finish to your smile.

For patients who have excess staining from smoking, tea, coffee and red wine, an air polish may be recommended to access the finer spaces between teeth, and around crowns and veneers.

This appointment includes a routine scale and polish with the additional air polish. This treatment is ideal for patients who have veneers and crowns, orthodontic brackets or generally in need of a thorough stain removing treatment.

We also offer a speciality treatment where the powder used contains 99% Novamin, the ingredient found in Sensodyne which helps eliminate sensitivity for up to 6 months.

Why Kingswood Parks for Air Polish Treatment?

At Kingswood Parks Dental Clinic we use the latest equipment and technology. Air polishing treatment is not commonly available at all practices. Our patients love the results and feeling after their air polish appointment and we recommend it to all patients looking to revitalise their smile.

Frequently asked Questions

Is an air polish painful?

Air polishing is not painful, some patients report it feels like a fine sand blaster that has a taste of salt which is rinsed away at the end of the procedure. If gums are inflamed it may be felt slightly more along the gum line.

How can air polish help sensitive teeth?

Our airpolishing system has the adaptability to offer a specialist powder containing 99% Novamin. Sensodyne toothpaste contains 6% novamin which is the key ingredient to help close off dental tubules and reduce sensitivity. With 99% Novamin we are able to treat areas of recession and sensitivity giving amazing results and reduced sensitivity for up to 6 months.

How often should I have stain removal treatment?

This treatment is bespoke to each individual. Most patients choose to have this treatment once or twice a year to maintain their white smile. If you suffer with excessive staining, you may wish to have this treatment more frequently.

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