Are you experiencing pain from broken tooth? Do you have a tooth that needs removing?

Taking a tooth out is known as a dental extraction. This can be needed for as number of reasons. When a tooth cannot be saved, when a patient doesn’t want root canal treatment or to create orthodontic space. Pricing depends on the complexity of the extraction. At KP Dental Clinic we can help ease your pain and extract any teeth necessary with as minimal discomfort as possible.

Removal of teeth is the last thing any dentist wants to do. Saving teeth where possible is our absolute priority but there are some incidences where this is just not possible. If decay is deep under the gum line and a filling isn’t possible, or a tooth has undergone root canal treatment that hasn’t worked, sometimes this would indicate an extraction. The procedure is relatively simple and swift. Local anaesthetic shall be used to numb the area and the tooth will then be gently removed by the dentist.

Once the tooth is extracted, we would discuss options to replace the missing tooth and space to restore your smile once the gum has healed.

Why KP Dental?

Extractions at KP Dental Clinic in Hull are performed with ample time and care given to each and every patient. We understand patients may be anxious and this treatment is not something anybody would enjoy. We try to make each dental appointment as relaxing and pain free as possible, whilst taking the time to reassure and support you.

Frequently asked Qs

Will my extraction hurt?

Local anaesthetic is applied before carrying out an extraction, so the procedure itself is pain free but you may experience some pressure and discomfort whilst the tooth is being removed. It is common to feel discomfort for several days after the procedure but this is perfectly normal.

What to expect after your appointment?

Once the tooth has been extracted, your dentist may send you home biting on a cotton wool pack to prevent further bleeding. You may experience some mild bleeding later and wake with some blood mixed with saliva on your pillow. It is important to now swill or rinse your mouth for a minimum of 24 hours to avoid disturbing the hole.

What about the gap I’m left with?

There are numerous options to fill the gap after an extraction. These range from a crown, dental bridge or an implant. Speak to your dentist about what may be the best treatment for you.

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