White Fillings

Cosmetic White Fillings in Hull

Do you have metal fillings you do not like the look of? Do you want a filling that looks like your natural teeth?

Fillings are likely to be the most common dental procedure and is indicated when a tooth has decay, a cavity or hole that is required to be filled. Although we offer the option of traditional amalgam flings (metal) composite is becoming extremely popular due their cosmetic appeal.

Here at KP Dental in Hull we specialise in the art of composite cosmetic fillings. A multi-shade resin that can be matched to your natural colour allowing for seamless and virtually invisible fillings.

White composite fillings are used to restore teeth that have decay or old fillings that need replacing. The material used is matched as close to your current tooth shade as possible making it virtually invisible to see. Price would depend on the size and complexity of the filling.

Why Kingswood Parks for Fillings?

Our team consist of highly experienced practitioners who have undergone extensive training in the art of composite. We use only the very best in composite resins allowing us to create beautifully finished white fillings. Using the highest-grade composite in the industry allows our team to polish and finish your fillings to the highest standard.

Frequently asked Questions

Will all of my fillings be suitable for composite?

Although most fillings can be performed with composite, there are a handful that may be suited better to amalgam (metal) , we would estimate that we perform over 99% of our fillings with composite and on the rare occasion a metal filling is required this would be discussed by your practitioner.

Is a filling painful?

A routine filling involves minimal pain and discomfort. Usually performed under local anaesthetic, the procedure can take anywhere from 20-60 minutes depending on the size and location of the filling. Some patients experience sensitivity for 2-3 weeks after their filling which usually subsides over time.

What are the advantages of a composite filling?

The advantage of composite is its ability to blend with your natural teeth, resulting in a brighter, whiter smile without the need for metal noticeable fillings in your mouth. Composite is a material that can be moulded and shaped to look like a real tooth as well as having the advantage of chemically bonding to your teeth resulting in less tooth tissue needing to be removed for retention. The material is also made from a resin resulting in a mercury free filling.

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