How we can help you deal with your dental anxiety

A lot of people have a phobia of coming to the dentist, we know as clinicians it can be a very daunting step if you have not been to a dental clinic in a long time or if you have had a bad experience in the past.

Making an appointment

Making the appointment or even sending an enquiry is your first step to overcoming that dental anxiety… did it! You have taken one of the biggest steps so far. Coming to visit us prior to your appointment may help you; you can come and sit in the clinic or we can show you around, so you are fully aware of what to expect when you come for your first appointment. Any of the team are more than happy to sit with you and have a chat. You have then made that commitment to come for a dental check-up.

Let us know you have a dental phobia, that way we can then make ways for you to feel as comfortable as possible. We can talk to you more about what will happen and go through what you think will work best for you when attending, such as a hand signal to tell us to stop if you would like a break.

Do not be embarrassed

No one is judging you, if it is your first appointment you may feel anxious that you are being judged. The complete opposite will be happening, we want your experience to be positive, therefore ensuring you are happy is important to us.

We like to listen, so if you have had a bad experience and you want to let us know or if you have got pain that you are suffering we can discuss this before actually checking your teeth so that you know exactly the process of what we’re about to do.

Find ways to relax in the surgery

We like to have music on in our rooms and a candle is often lit, this is so that the room feels calm. If there is anything you know will help, please let us know and request what you would like from us, whether it be your favourite album, of course we can play that or if you would like us to put a film on so it’s in the background, we can do that too. Maybe if you have a longer appointment you could bring your own headphones to listen to your own playlist.

Choose the right clinician for you

We have lots of patients with anxiety come and visit us for an appointment, so we have lots of experience of ways to make you and the clinic in general feel calm. We have also had lots of positive feedback to let us know that we make our patients feel comfortable when visiting us, and that is something were happy to pride ourselves on.

We want you to make that first step, so please contact us to make an appointment or to just find out more:

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