Mental Health Awareness Week 9th-15th May

Mental Health Awareness Week, was an event set up by the Mental Health Foundation over 21 years ago, running this year between the 9th and 15th of May.

Mental Health Awareness Week | Mental Health Foundation

This year they focus is around the topic of loneliness, based on 1 in 4 adults feeling lonely some or all of the time, with long term loneliness being a contributing factor of mental health concerns.

The foundations’ aim is to support more people suffering and reduce the stigma surrounding the topic, assuring people that these feelings can pass.

We should check up on friends and family, reaching out to those who may need some support. We also need to remember that how we perceive others on social media for example may not be an accurate interpretation of how that person looks, feels and thinks.

Loneliness may be a result of being unable to interact and socialise due to Covid, and then being unable or reluctant to readjust as restrictions lifted, it maybe due to a lack of confidence or many other reasons.

Here at Kingswood Parks Clinics, we meet lots of patients who have taken the first steps to change their smile or skin, and the concerns they have. Such insecurities result in individuals not wanted to go out, or being worried about what others think they look like. We have been fortunate to help rebuild many patients’ confidence and often see at the end of their treatment, not only a change with their smile, but their full character and spirit.

We are always here to talk to, so if you would like some advice on how we could potentially help you make some changes or regain that confidence, please contact the practice:

Contact – Kingswood Parks Dental (