Our friendly Front of House

The team at Kingswood Parks Dental and Skin Clinic is made up of highly trained and very experienced clinicians, however we realise that the front of house team are essentially the face and voice of the practice; being the first people you speak to or see and answer any questions you may have, making them a very important representation of our clinic.

Charissa is our Patient Care Coordinator and Social Media Manager, and Dena and Beth are our Front of House Receptionists.

Here you can get these ladies’ thoughts on Kingswood Parks Clinics and get to know them a little better!


As a Patient Care Co-ordinator my role is to follow and support you in your treatment journey, whatever treatment that may be; skin, medical, cosmetic or general dentistry.

It is my job to ensure you feel comfortable and at ease throughout your whole Kingswood Parks experience. Sometimes during a consultation or being sat in the dental chair it can become a little overwhelming if you hear dental ‘jargon’ and you may think of questions after leaving the clinician. After your appointment you will sit with me in my Patient Care Room to discuss the outcome of your appointment and we can plan your journey with you together.

I thoroughly enjoy sharing the transformation journey with patients. It is so amazing to see the confidence grow as a patient proceeds with their treatments, but mostly it is so rewarding to reverse ‘the fear of the dentist’ In some patients. If someone has had a traumatic experience with a dentist, they often carry the fear with them for a long time, it makes me so happy to see people change this and now look forward to their visit!

I would advise any future patients or anyone thinking of booking with KP Clinics to know they are in good hands and to feel assured that you would only be recommended the best and most suitable treatment for you! Everyone is different, so it is important to get the correct advice on what is right for you, not for everyone.

Fact about me: I am a natural creative! I love creating new skin care products, candles and more. My creative side is also reflected in my career of Marketing. I am the face behind the Social Media for KP Clinics!


Dena Russell – Kingswood Parks Dental (kingswoodparksclinics.co.uk)

Kingswood Parks Clinics is different to anywhere I’ve ever worked; due to the attention to detail and general atmosphere and the services and treatments we’re able to offer and the relationship the team forms with the patient. I love the teamwork we have at the clinic; we all work together to achieve the same goal.

You can always expect a friendly face at the KP reception, as it’s very important, especially when someone is nervous to ensure that they are greeted with a welcoming smile. We want you to feel part of our clinic and for you to know that you’re important to us; if you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask.

Always ask questions if you’re unsure of anything we will help the best we can. We can show you around the clinic so that you feel as welcomed and relaxed as possible prior to your appointment, if it is going to help you on your journey.

Fact about me: I love a city breakaway, I’ve been to Stockholm, London and New York; I love to sightsee! I’m always planning my next trip away and have a pending visit to Disneyland pending, as soon as we are allowed to travel! So, I’m always happy to chat about holidays and travelling at reception!


Beth Donkin – Kingswood Parks Dental (kingswoodparksclinics.co.uk)

Having only recently joined the KP Clinics team, from the very start the friendly atmosphere shone through. Also, the level of patient care all the staff have for our patients is amazing; I’ve never experienced it so high in a working environment before. The attention to detail is always of importance and it is overall a very professional clinic.

You can expect a warm and welcoming environment at KP Clinics, the front of house is always happy to help with any enquiries.

I would always advise a patient to invest in yourself; your smile is worth the money! Seeing patients so happy after their smile makeovers is amazing.

Fact about me: I used to do gymnastics when I was younger, for around 15 years!


Charissa, Dena and Beth are always available to help if you have any questions or would like to book an appointment:

Contact – Kingswood Parks Dental (kingswoodparksclinics.co.uk)