Our visit to Cavendish Primary School

Since the initial lockdown the beginning of last year, we have recognised the difficulties patients have experienced in arranging an appointment with their usual dentist. Here at Kingswood Parks Clinics, as a fully private practice, we were able to implement additional measures to allow us to continue seeing our patients- obviously with lots of restrictions and guidance to follow. We have also welcomed lots of new patients to the practice, due to them being unable to attend their previous NHS practice, and children are no exception.

It has been great to see lots of young faces, but we are also aware that lots of children haven’t visited a dentist for well over a year now, which could result in a negative impact on their oral health.

For more information on arranging an appointment for your child please contact the practice on 01482 440084. Appointments are £15 for under 12 years old, and free for under 3s when attending at the same time as an adult’s exam.


We believe engaging with children and them being familiar with the dental surgery environment eliminates any dental anxiety in the future and promotes good oral health from an early age.

We have been keen to be able to meet with children again, away from the practice and this month has been the first opportunity our staff have been able to get out into the community, since restrictions have started to be lifted.

Chloe, our Deputy Manager and Lead Nurse, along with Dillon, our Dental Nurse and Skin Practitioner were welcomed to Cavendish Primary School last Friday, the 18th June.

Cavendish Primary – Home

The visit was a great opportunity to meet lots of children, and build on what they had been learning in recent weeks. We discussed positive oral health routines, demonstrated effective toothbrushing (with the use of disclosing tablets and disposable toothbrushes) and chatted about healthy diets, focusing on sugar in food and drinks. The session was really interactive, finishing with a quiz and opportunity for the children to ask questions.

The feedback since the visit has been really positive and we even heard 1 young boy would now like to have his own dental practice when he grows up!

If you feel your child’s school (or if you work at a school yourself) would benefit from a visit from our team, please contact our Practice Manger pm@kingswoodparksclinics.co.uk to arrange a session!