PRP for skin rejuvenation

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What is PRP? 

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PRP stands for Platelet Rich Plasma, which is a substance found only in the blood. Plasma is preformed in two ways, either injected into points of the skin or micro-needled into the skin. Both methods work effectively and show great results. This treatment is performed to achieve anti-ageing results due to plasma encouraging collagen and elastin production. Platelets are cells in the blood that help tissue to heal and to grow new cells. Injecting these platelets into specific areas can help promote the regrowth of new collagen, regenerating the skin and leaving it refreshed, tightened and smoother. Although this is an unproven treatment, there are thousands of studies in which hard evidence shows profound results. You can even ask our team members, as some have personally had the treatment and loved the outcome!

Is this treatment right for me? 

PRP is a great treatment for anyone who wants to see the benefits of anti-ageing and a smoother, tighter complexion. There is absolutely no risk of reaction as we only inject plasma which is from your own blood, so your body will not reject the substance. 

What happens during treatment? 

Once you have had a consultation with one of our therapists, you will be booked in for your appointment which will involve taking a small tube of your blood, spinning the blood to separate it from the plasma in the machine called the centrifuge. From this point we would decanter the plasma and start to inject or needle this into your skin. Patients are numb so pain felt is kept controlled and very minimal. There may be bruising and slight inflammation post treatment but this is normal and usually more common in older people.   

What areas does it help the most? 

The most popular reasons for PRP for skin regeneration is usually underneath the eyes to disguise dark circles and tighten the skin, crow’s feet, and fine lines and wrinkles, and as an over all treatment to treat skin problems like rosacea, acne scaring and ageing skin.   

When can I see results? 

For best results we recommend having 3-5 sessions of PRP 4-6 weeks apart. You should see visible differences in your skin in as little as a week post treatment, however months after, will be when you witness the most noticeable results. This is because the collagen call formation process takes weeks to properly form and weave together, like scaffolding, underneath the skin. The skin has many layers and PRP promotes collagen production throughout all layers of epidermis even hitting the dermis with the (up to) 4mm needle depth injections.  


Here at KP Clinics we offer PRP for skin and scalp rejuvenation. PRP for the scalp is very similar to the skin rejuvenation because it induces collagen production and promotes new healthy hair follicles.


If you are interested and want to know more, or would like to arrange an appointment, please contact the clinic:

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