Russian Lip Fillers

Anyone who follows any type of hashtag relating to facial aesthetics will have heard of the Russian Lips. So what are Russian lips? Is this a new concept and technique? We asked our Clinical Director to explain more about the trend, what this means for patients and if she teaches this method in her lip masterclass training courses.

“The Russian technique is a combination of dermal filler injection techniques designed to give height and shape to the lips without too much projection. The methods include microdroplets, liner threads and tenting with filler injected into different depths of the lips.

These 3 methods have been used and combined for many years and have been taught on my masterclass courses for the past 3 years. The “Russian” is a new name for a combined use of established techniques.

As the industry evolves and changes, clients want much different results now to what was sought after some 10 years ago when I began my facial aesthetics career.

Clients often ask me; ‘is it safe?’. The downside of the Russian technique, or more so tenting and droplets, is that there are far more injection sites which lead to increased swelling, trauma and risks involved. The more times the needle penetrates the lip tissue, the more chance of hitting an artery which in turn can increases the risk of a vascular occlusion. The increased swelling and bruising can lead to more down time and discomfort.

The decision on which techniques to use to administer lip fillers should be between the patient and their injector. I do perform these techniques and have done for any years, on the right patient wanting a specific look. I like to specialise in the more natural results, creating shape and volume, restoring lip volume lost with ageing and enhancing the boarder and cupids bow without making lips look out of proportion with the surrounding facial tissues and anatomy.

I think social media has had a huge impact and influence on clients asking for Russian lips and wanting to book for “a technique” rather than having a consultation and discussing the end goal bespoke to each individual. Edited photographs are also leading to the Instagram followers to want a transformation that sometimes cannot be achieved in 1 session of lip fillers, as they have seen in before and afters online.

The ideal client for the combined technique would be those with thin lips wanting to add height and shape to their lips and reducing the space between the upper lip boarder and the nasal tip. You can achieve beautiful results with less than 1ml of filler which can be built up over time for long lasting results.”

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