B12 Injection

Fatigued, drained and feeling down? Vitamin B12 injections are administered by our highly trained Clinical Therapists to help give you that burst of energy you need. Due to many factors, vitamin B12 can become minimised within the body resulting in lack of sleep, fatigue and general dullness. With vitamin B12 injections we can help correct that and make you feel more alert and awake (even on the early mornings).

Why KP Skin Clinic?

Here at KP we only offer treatments that we feel will be beneficial to each client and in their best interest.

Frequently asked Questions

How many will I need?

Every client requires different levels of B12, this can vary depending on their diet, natural sources and any deficiencies.

Do you offer bulk treatments?

We offer bulk Vitamin B12 injections at £100 for 4. These would all be 10-14 days apart or how our clinician would recommend.

Can you have this as a one off?

You can yes. There is no obligation to have the full course of treatment, however we would always recommend having the course to get the full effect initially.

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