Affordable Anti-Wrinkle Treatment in Hull

Are you fed up of deep frown lines? Are you suffering from headaches? At Kingswood Parks Skin Clinic, we offer anti-wrinkle injections for numerous reasons to a wide variety of patients. Anti-wrinkle injections are one of our most popular procedures to aid in the both prevention and treatment of facial dynamic lines and wrinkles. Relaxing the muscles can offer a wide range of benefits, both cosmetically and medically.

Anti-wrinkle injections, contain a substance called Botulinum Toxin, more commonly known as 'Botox'. Botox® is actually one specific popular registered brand of Botulinum Toxin, however there are multiple brands of the product that can be prescribed. Botox® works by temporarily immobilising muscle movement, preventing the nerves from connecting to the muscle. This in turn temporarily prevents the muscle from being able to fully contract. Anti-wrinkle injections can be used in the face and body, commonly used to battle frown lines, relieve tension headaches and help with excessive perspiring (sweating) from the armpits.

Botulinum Toxin is a prescription only treatment and should only be prescribed by a medical professional. A consultation would be required before prescribing anti-wrinkle injections to ensure the patient is medically suitable. At Kingswood Parks Skin Clinic, we tailor all our anti-wrinkle injections to help suit each individual patient's needs and desired results. There is no one size fits all when it comes to Botox®. Some clients wish to raise the brows, some wish to keep a natural look which is our forte, whilst others prefer the minimal movement ‘frozen’ look.

It goes without saying, anti-wrinkle injections are one of the number one anti-ageing treatments on the medical aesthetic market, with its quick and painless appointments and excellent results within days.

Why Kingswood Parks for Anti-Wrinkle Treatment?

Looking for an experienced medical clinic for Botox® injections in Hull and the surrounding area?

Using the most advance techniques and methods, Kingswood Parks Skin Clinic based in Kingswood always likes to ensure each patient gets the desired results they want to achieve. Making sure each patient feels at ease during the full appointment and making the best decision with their treatments. Our clinical lead, Amy, has a strict ethos to treat patients ethically and responsibly. We only perform treatments on the patients if we believe it is their best interest and can help to achieve the desired results they are looking for. Our patient care coordinator is there to help and assist through out the journey by helping with your needs and concerns.

Our Clinical Lead is one of the only medically qualified trainers for facial aesthetics in Hull and surrounding areas. Having taught many medical and dental professionals nationwide in the art of anti-wrinkle injections, performing thousands of injections over the past 10 years, Amy is one of the most reputable facial aesthetics practitioner injectors in the area.

Frequently Asked Questions?

What results can I get and how long will Botox® last?

The results usually vary with each individual patient depending on the desired results and areas treated. It usually takes up to 10 days for the effects of Botox to fully achieve the desired effect, lasting up to 3-4 months. Botox will only help battle lines and wrinkles that are visible when moving facial muscles known as ‘dynamic’ lines. At Kingswood Parks Skin Clinic, we are a firm believer in minimal treatment to get a softer result as we like to offer a free top up session if needed rather than over treating the area.

Are there any side effects to Botox®?

Like any injection there is always a risk of a hematoma (bruising) due to an inflammatory response in the body from causing too much trauma to the area, as much as we take our time and make sure this doesn’t happen there is still a small chance of this happening and is completely normal. Minor headaches can become present 24 hours post treatment as well as fatigue. Any other minor side effects are always discussed during your consultation before proceeding with the treatment.

How much does Anti-Wrinkle treatment cost?

Depending on how many areas of anti-wrinkle injections you are having would vary the cost. Typically, most patients would opt for the 3 areas which would cover the Frontalis (forehead), Glabella (frown lines and near the brows) and the Orbicularis Oculi (around the eyes). The prices are as follows but can vary slightly depending on what results are to be achieved.

Treatment carried out by one of our Skin Therapists/Aesthetic Practitioners; (trained by Amy)

1 Area - £140

2 Areas - £165

3 Areas - £190

If treatment is carried out by our clinical director Amy;

1 Area - £175

2 Areas - £210

3 Areas - £240

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