Chemical peels are a superior way of effectively removing dead skin cells than manual exfoliation alone. Using Alumier MD peels and TCA peels we can help maintain and improve skin health.

Cleopatra and Egyptians used to bathe in sour milk due to its natural acidic properties. Today in the modern world, lactic acid is used more scientifically as the main approach to gently and effectively remove dead skin cells, to reveal a more glowing and revitalised look within the skin. Chemical peels are now a number one for improving skin health.

Why KP Skin Clinic?

Our highly skilled skin therapists determine on what type of peel we will use to help combat many different skin conditions. The skin conditions we can treat include oily to combination skin, acne, hyper-pigmentation, sunspots, rosacea and minor anti ageing by increasing rapid turn over of skin cells and tissue.

Unlike most peels, our Alumier MD peels offer versatile yet effective results allowing us to tailor each patients' peels to their desired results and end goal. Each peel is layered and altered for each skin concern and session allowing us to maintain and achieve amazing results.

Frequently asked Questions?

Are chemical peels painful?

With our Alumier MD peels we would begin with more superficial, lighter peels to help build a natural tolerance to the topical acids, this in turn will cause as minimal irritation and pain with the peel.

Will I peel and shed?

With our Alumier MD medical grade peels, peeling is kept to a minimum. We naturally help disconnect the keratin bridges between cells softly over the next few days, this can result is dry flaky skin; however, the deeper, stronger we tailor the peels the more peeling and shedding that may happen. Typically, our TCA peels offer more peeling as it’s a lot deeper and removes more layers of dead skin.

Can you treat other areas than the face?

Absolutely! We normally treat the face and neck as main areas of concerns. We are able to treat any areas of the body with most skin conditions. Usually this treatment helps minimise or eliminate the problem.

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