Expert laser hair Removal in Hull

Our laser hair removal machine uses the strongest diode laser platform available in the UK. The laser penetrates the skin and is designed to target the hair follicle. The heat from the laser damages the active follicle and weakens the growth cycle, eventually resulting in permanent hair reduction.

Depending on the Fitzpatrick, sensitivity of the skin and thickness of the hairs, would depend on how many sessions would be needed. On average sessions would vary from 8-12 sessions. Results are usually seen at session 3-4.

Why Kingswood Parks for Laser Hair Removal?

We pride our self on delivering results and making sure patients feel at ease, welcomed and have minimal discomfort throughout the treatment. A patch test is always done prior to test the skin's sensitivity and determine roughly how many sessions would be needed. You would have a consultation first to determine all of this.

Frequently asked Questions?

Is laser hair removal permanent?

Results vary on every patient, usually after your last session it is considered permanent. However, this isn’t to say for definite, due to hormones and cell regrowth the follicle can eventually start to re grow and make hair, although this would be at a decelerated rate and less thick. Top up sessions may be required several times a year.

How many sessions of laser hair removal do I need?

Session amounts would vary on the thickness of the hair and how fast the cycle growth is within the hair follicle. Usually we recommend 8-10 sessions to start, with the possibility of an extra 4 sessions if needed, followed by optional sessions several times a year if needed.

Can you treat all parts of the body?

Laser hair removal can be used all over the body; any where hair grows. The most common areas are upper lip, under arms and legs. Pre advice would be given as to what can or can’t be done prior to starting the treatments.

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