Skin Analysis Consultation

Have you always wondered what treatment is most suitable for your skin and skin concerns? Do you have questions about your skin you are unsure about? Here at Kingswood Parks Skin Clinic, we can help you with all your skincare needs with an in-depth skin analysis consultation. This appointment will allow us to fully assess the patient and address all areas of concern, check medical suitability, and provide a bespoke treatment plan.

A skin analysis consultation will be your first appointment in the clinic followed by a recommended course of medical treatments. During your consultation we look at your skin through our high tech upgraded analysis machine. Performing a full skin analysis allows us to look under the skin to determine how healthy it is and if there are any skin concerns, the purpose of a skin analysis consultation is to identify improvements to be made to a skin regime, with photo-technology.

Our experienced clinicians will help answer any queries you may have, advise the best course of treatment to proceed with and explain what to expect when you have your treatment. Every patient will leave with a bespoke treatment plan and a deeper understanding of the recommended treatment to achieve their desired results.

Why KP Skin Clinic?

Here at KP we only offer treatments that we feel will be beneficial to each client and in their best interest.

Frequently asked Questions

What is the difference between a standard skin consultation and a skin analysis consultation?

Many people wonder why a skin analysis is more expensive compared to a normal skin consultation, the reason being, is during a skin consultation we have a brief chat about what your concerns are, what treatment you think you need, where as a skin analysis consultation we are more in depth with the skin, we get you to place your face into a machine, this then takes 3 photos of your skin and provides us with every skin concern you might not of known you had, we like our patients to see the reason why we recommend all the treatments that are given.

A standard consultation is ideal for those just wanting to come and have lip fillers for example; they know what they need and the consultation is purely to confirm suitability, discuss the look and results they would like to achieve.

However the skin analysis consultation can take up to 1 hours and is essential for those with skin concerns, who maybe interested in prescription skin care, medical grade skin treatments such as microneedling or are looking for a complete transformation.

Are there any dangers or negative effects from having the skin analysis consultation?

No the skin analysis is purely a method of gathering images of your skin, looking at different aspects and areas of concern. No other treatment will be performed on the day and the analysis is completely pain free! Even if you chose not to proceed with any treatment after the analysis, you will be provided with the knowledge to make beneficial changes at home.

Can you have this as a one off?

You can yes, however we like to analyse the skin at intervals throughout treatment and especially at the end of a course of treatment so you can physically see the improvements and changes made.