Prescription Skin Care – Alumier MD

Always trying advertisement skin products and at-home remedies but not getting any results? Alumier MD prescription home care is amazing for all patients, skin types and conditions.

Alumier MD uses the most current, effective and stable ingredients on the market providing innovative prescription skincare that can be prescribed by one of our skin therapists. Making results easier and long lasting without having to worry about destabilising the skin and it going back to normal.

We offer many products from cleansers, exfoliators, speciality serums, prescription topical retinols, moisturisers and physical SPFs; all only available via a prescription due to the strength of the product’s active ingredients.

The results for this range of products speak for themselves, within 4 weeks of using your tailored range of products your skin will be feeling and looking firmer, tighter and more glowing.

Why KP Skin Clinic?

We pride ourselves in giving patients the best options to help with their concerns. We always suggest trying a few products at a time and see how you get on. We never want to disappoint with the effects of what our products can do. So, we always recommend that products be used along side treatments to get the best results, always be happy with the skin you're in!

Frequently asked Questions?

How much does it range from?

Prices vary on what products are used; cleansers start at £29.50 to £81 for our strongest prescription strength retinol. Many products range around the £30-40 mark.

Can I order it online?

You can, once we have sent you a valid prescription pad via email. With this you can access the Alumier portal to order any products prescribed by our skin therapists.

What makes it different from other high street brands?

Our products have active and stable ingredients in them to help de-stabilise most forms of skin conditions. Unlike any other products you may find, our products can only be prescribed, dependant on what skin concerns and products will help. We will not just give you anything that won’t help.

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