At KP Skin Clinic we are a firm believer in natural, non-surgical anti ageing treatments. To help achieve softer and more natural results with out going under the knife. PDO (Polydioxanone) threads are surgical sutures that help with tightening and lifting your face.

Our PDO thread face lift offers versatile yet amazing results in lifting the mid face and jowls.

Facial tissues naturally drop over time caused by the ageing process of bone resorption, fat migration, skin laxity and loss of collagen and hyaluronic acid. The facial bones act as scaffolding for the facial tissues, as the bone shrinks and resorbs, the overlying tissues become less supported and drop down. Our face is made up of lots of fat pads, these fat pads are held together by ligaments, over time these ligaments become stretched and the fat pads are able to drop down. This is the biggest cause of jowls and nasolabial folds.

PDO threads work by lifting those fat pads back up using cog threads which to patients may look like tiny threads of barbed wire. These threads then embed into the fat pads and are pulled up, lifting the fat and overlying tissue into a higher more desired position.

The threads then naturally dissolve over a 6-month period where they are replaced with new collagen fibres which also help maintain the lift. Results last 12-18 months and is dependent on other factors including quality of skin, lifestyle, home care and bone structure.

All options would be discussed during consultations to provide you with treatment expectations.

Why KP Skin Clinic?

With being only 1 of only a hand full of places in the East Riding that offer PDO threads and this type of face lift, we pride our self in offering this versatile, non-surgical anti-ageing treatment.

Our Clinical Lead has over 18 years’ experience in facial anatomy and has undergone intensive training for the past 9 years in the art of medical aesthetics. Undergoing several cadaver training courses to ensure deeper understanding and knowledge on the anatomy under the skin that we cannot see. This ensures our patients have the expertise and treatment planning of the highest level.

We specialist in full facial contouring and anti-ageing packages. One of our main interests is treating clients who are wanting to rewind the years and have treatment to make them look and feel 10 years younger, without the need to go under the knife.

We like to make sure all our patients are getting value for money, meaning if this treatment won’t give you the results you are looking for, we would always help seek an alternative. Typically, this treatment works best with a combination of other procedures like Medical micro-needling, skin boosters and prescription home care to get the best results possible.

Frequently asked Questions?

Is this painful?

Generally, no, it’s a virtually painless treatment with little to no discomfort.

However, we do include a few different types of numbing to help with discomfort. We apply topical prescription strength numbing cream to help numb the first few layers of the skin tissue. Once this has been on, we apply local anaesthetic to the area to numb the deeper skin tissues and fibres.

Will I get results similar to a surgical face lift?

The results of a non-surgical face lift are not as noticeable as a surgical face lift. PDO threads are designed for those not quite ready or wanting to go under the knife. We suggest that we can lift the tissues around the mid and lower face approximately 1-1.5cm. Those wanting or needing significant lifting may not be suitable for a thread lift.

How many threads are needed?

Thread amounts would depend on the end results. We usually suggest 4 – 6 threads on either side to get the best results. Our highly trained medical professionals would always discuss this during consultation to give you a better mind set on costs and the general outcome.

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