Do you have scaring from acne or surgery that you do not like? Do you have open pores and fine lines?

Medical grade micro-needling is also known as collagen induction therapy; an innovative, skin rejuvenation treatment suitable for most clients to target fine lines, pores and even scars.

Micro-needling helps with re activating the wound healing cycle as the body’s natural inflammatory response to the micro trauma caused. The depth we go allows us to help stimulate fibroblasts that in turn help with the collagen cycle and elastin support resulting in thicker, tighter and firmer skin, while the cell communication is prohibited increasingly.

With our skills and knowledge, we can treat all the body and areas of concern. Our main speciality is the face, neck, décolleté and hands increasing collagen and elastin to provide anti-ageing results.

Typically, a course of 3 sessions, 4-6 weeks apart is recommend with subsequent sessions 2-3 times a year for the best results. Older clients in their late 50s upwards may require an initial course of 5 sessions to see maximum results.

Why KP Skin Clinic?

Here at KP Skin Clinic we like to undergo many nonsurgical rejuvenations treatments that help boost natural collagen. We are a firm believer that this is by far the number one skin rejuvenation treatment and with that in mind would always tailor each treatment to every patients' needs. Unlike derma rollers we use the UK's leading brand for micro needling known as Dermapen, as it causes smaller and increased micro trauma to get perfectly woven collagen fibres.

Our highly skilled professionals can help with treating many different areas of concern, like minor pigmentation, anti-ageing concerns, thin and crepey skin, acne scaring, surgical scarring and more.

All medical treatments would require a consultation prior to treatment, subject to a fee of £25 to discuss suitability.

Frequently asked Questions?

Do you bleed?

With our medical grade micro-needling we like to encourage as much pinpoint bleeding as possible, this is because the blood contains cells called platelets that encourage growth factors to help achieve better results. Along with topical hyaluronic acid we help increase results by 25%.

Can this help with my scars?

For all forms of scars other than keloid scars (due to how it heals and the rapid number of cells) we can treat them by re-forming the woven collagen fibres so that they don’t form scar tissue anymore. Due to the healing and collagen properties of micro-needling we can most definitely help alleviate scars.

What is the downtime?

With medical micro needling we suggest 1-3 days of downtime due to the erythema (redness to the skin due to the inflammatory response), this usually settles quickly and is followed by a period of dryness.