Small steps of positivity

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I expect most of us are pleased the winter months have almost passed and that we are looking forward to some better weather, especially with the current and recent situations, to help make us all feel a little better. With not just these major incidents that we are experiencing which obviously affects us, but more general things at home, work and family, can all make us feel a little low.

We all read and hear about simple changes to make us feel better all the time, but a few things the team here at Kingswood Parks Clinics try to be mindful of are:

Be positive and live for now

Worrying about what might happen or dwelling on something that has happened in the past can definitely bring us down, while it may not be easy, trying to live in the moment and bring a great sense of calm to our mood.

Busy, busy, busy!

Juggling work and life can often actually cause some stress, however during those steadier times, it’s recommended to keep busy; pottering at home, going for a walk, taking up a hobby or just reading a book, can lift your spirits and prevent your mind from wandering to a place of worry.

It’s normal to have a few down days every now and then. On my travels visiting the many practices that I do, I’m all too aware that practice life can be stressful, but there are a few little things you can tell your staff to do, and do yourself, that can help perk up and lift people’s moods.

Talk to someone

Having a rant or sharing your thoughts can help; whether to call them on the phone, meet for a chat or go out and socialising. Chatting can often help others too, so while you’re sharing your thoughts or looking for advice, you may end up being that supportive shoulder; which will definitely make you feel better.


Smiling releases a mood boosting hormone, so smiling, even when you least feel like it, can perk you up. A little positivity in this form can also rub off on others.

This is also something the team at Kingswood Parks Clinics can help with, we realise if you’re not confident when you smile, you are less likely to show off your teeth, so whether you want a smile make over, an airflow polish to make them gleam or a routine clean, get in touch with the practice and we’ll help restore your confidence to smile:

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