Staff day out

Here at Kingswood Parks Clinics, we insist all staff provide patients with a great service and experience; they are non-stop all day, every day from the minute they arrive. However we never take them for granted and appreciate every one of them, so last week we surprised the team with a well deserved day off and treat.

We know making a small gesture, such as sending a card to an unwell patient or someone who has received some bad news, can make a big difference, this remains true for our staff too. We want everyone to know we are proud of our staff and they are valued, and ultimately show them off!

The evening before, the staff were told to be at the train station at 10am, the rest of the day was a surprise! On arriving in Leeds, we split into teams at Escape Rooms- the competitive streak was apparent from arrival, and were please that both teams escaped the room with just minutes to spare.

After a quick pit stop at Angelicas for a cocktail and nibbles, we went onto The Alchemist for a cocktail masterclass, where we all attempted to make a few of their legendary cocktails. The class created in lots of laughs and was best described as eventful; with staff being covered in cream, bottles being smashed and generally leaving a sticky mess all over the bar. We finished with amazing food, before heading back, all very tired.

Kingswood Parks Clinics are fortunate to have a fantastic team of talented, experienced but most of all caring and loyal employees. When attending the practice you can be confident you are in good hands and anyone here will be happy to help, advise and/ or support you whether you are making an initial enquiry, undergoing significant treatment or having a one-off procedure.

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