The importance of a facial

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The skin on a human body is an organ; in fact, it is the biggest organ of the body. The skin has many functions including regulating the bodies over all temperature and protecting the body against trauma and harmful substances from entering.  

The skin has 7 layers, and at the very top is the epidermis. This is the outer layer of the skin which is what we see. The skin sheds as the cell turnover process takes place every 27 days, however, investing in treatments will improve this process allowing us to achieve a fresh look revealing new skin.  

The top layer of the skin’s surface is exposed to harmful free radicals which destroy the skin cells and can damage the collagen cells which are responsible for keeping the skin youthful.  

These free radicals include: 

  • UVA  and UVB rays from the sun 
  • Car emissions  
  • Smoke including passive smoke 
  • Air pollutants 
  • Chlorine in water  

Free radicals are harmful for the skin because they attach onto the surface of the skin throughout the day and usually lay in a pore, usually they do minimal damage to the skin as they can be effectively removed with a cleanser. However, if not cleansed off, they will cause havoc on the skin and have damaging effects resulting in ageing skin.  

You can help prevent free radicals from harming your skin to an extent by protecting your skin with antioxidants and a high SPF factor of sun protection.  

Investing in treatments which deep cleanse and detoxify the skin is also effective, along with having a skin care routine at home which you practice religiously. We recommend Alumier prescription skincare, and can provide additional advice during a consultation: 

Prescription Skin Care – Alumier MD – Kingswood Parks Dental ( 

We say when you have treatments with us, the long-term results rely 60% on the treatment had and 40% on your own regime.  

It is important to have regular facials as in this busy world, with advertisements pulling you to all different high street brands to pick up your skin care essentials… you may not realise that the activity level in shop bought products are not effective enough to improve your skin in anyway. When you book in for a facial in a clinic, you will receive a facial with professional medical grade products which have a very high activity level and a small molecule sizes which allows the ingredients to penetrate through the layers of the skin effectively. They are quite often encapsulated active ingredients to drip feed the skin at the time of need, constantly delivering nutrients.  


Facial massage is a holistic approach to keeping the muscles in the face toned and lifted, just as you would go to the gym for your body. Facial massage drains away toxins, bacteria, and fluid retention, and helps deliver oxygenated blood cells to all surrounding skin cells which don’t always have the nourishment that they need.  

In doing a facial massage, the muscles become relaxed and gives less chance of the skin creasing from muscle movement which causes static lines. Continuing this at home is something we recommend doing as you wouldn’t go the gym once and expect to see strong results. 

Once you come for a facial, you can have an overall detox for your skin and go away knowing what to do at home from our expertise advice given. We will send you a prescription pad of the medical grade skin care products we’d recommend which are medical grade only.  

So with so many clinics and salons offering facial treatments, why Choose Kingswood Parks? 

  • We use medical grade Alumier MD products with high activity levels 
  • You will receive professional skincare advice from skin therapists with over 7 years experience in skincare 
  • You will benefit from a personalised skincare prescription tailored for your bespoke skin needs 
  • You will have a treatment plan created to fulfil your concerns including potential treatments and a home skincare routine to achieve your ultimate goal 
  • Options of a range of facial treatments available 
  • Treatment performed in a friendly, professional, luxury environment  

For more advice or to book an appointment contact the practice: 

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