The importance of a sports mouthguard

Do you play sports which requires you to wear a mouthguard or perhaps you have children who do? Visit our clinic to get yours, completely bespoke to your mouth. With the summer months pending and restrictions recently being lifted, we know that sports are starting up; meaning we want you or your child to be safe playing the sport you love. So why wear a mouthguard? In the same way, helmets protect against head trauma, mouthguards are the go-to to prevent injuries to the face and mouth.

What is a sports mouthguard?

They are worn over your top teeth to prevent oral traumas from occurring; it protects your teeth from knocks and bangs which might occur during a sport such as rugby or boxing. If you wear an orthodontic appliance having a sports mouth guard will protect you from any oral cuts from the brace too. They are an essential piece to playing your sport safely.

Types of mouthguards

Here at Kingswood Parks Clinics, we offer custom-made sport mouth guards. So, what does this mean? We will take a scan or impression of your teeth and we will send it to the laboratory where they will make the mouthguard shaped to your teeth, this is to ensure the perfect fit for you! We will then see you to fit the mouthguard to ensure it fits in all the right areas.

Shop-bought mouthguards are often used but they are not designed specially for your own mouth and they can be bulky, this means it is not fully protecting your teeth, leaving you at risk of injury. They also make it difficult to breath and speak properly.

Our mouthguards

When making your sports guard we can make it whatever colour you like, your favourite colour, colours of your favourite football team or maybe the same colours as your own team you play for; we can tailor it to however you would like. When we send them off to the lab, they normally come back quickly, ensuring you can get yours efficiently; and costing from only £120.

How to look after your mouth guard

Avoid using hot water to clean your sports guard as this can sometimes change the shape of it. Rinse it with running water and dry it, and then you can store it in a box ready for the next use. You can also soak it in a non-alcohol mouthwash, again rinse and ensure it is dry before storing.