The importance of dental check ups and maintaining oral hygiene during Covid-19

During the current climate of the COVID – 19 pandemic, a lot of NHS dental practices remain closed and are strictly operating on an emergency scheme basis only. Due to advancements in virus killers, PPE and SOP’s (standard operating procedures) most private practices are running as normal, including Kingswood Parks Clinics.

We all know COVID – 19 has taken it’s toll on the public, economy and families and can all be forgiven for forgetting some important things, such as dental and medical health, due to our minds being elsewhere. With large gaps between dental appointments due to isolating plus recent and current lockdowns, oral health is suffering and having a negative impact on people’s lives. The rises in gum disease, periodontal disease and tooth decay is becoming more profound in the dental environment due to irregular appointments and longevity between them.

Here at KP Dental we are proud to be able to still offer all routine appointments and maintain cosmetic dental treatment plans in these difficult times. Unlike most NHS practices who are solely working on an emergency only basis, KP Clinics are still able to operate as normal and treat all patients.

Please be assured we have taken extra precautionary measures to ensure that all staff, patients, and the public are as safe as possible at the practice. Some of our safety measures include the following; our in-surgery virus-killing equipment, air filtration systems and enhanced PPE.


So why is maintaining gum and general oral health so important?

Have you ever wondered about the importance of oral hygiene? Have you ever wondered why you need to keep your teeth and gums healthy? Oral hygiene at home is one of the most crucial things to maintain a healthy smile and preserve the gums, teeth and bone that supports it all.

Making sure your mouth is healthy will help you later in life retain your teeth, require less fillings and give a fresher smell due to less plaque and bacteria in the mouth. Having a healthy mouth and gums will prevent concerns like gum disease, and the natural tooth becoming weaker and more brittle.

A healthy mouth also decreases the risk of oral cancer and makes it easier for the dentist to detect or diagnose any concerns.


What can I do to keep my teeth and gums healthy?

The use of interdental cleaning as well as brushing twice daily with a fluoride toothpaste, while making sure sugary foods and drinks are limited or consumed only at mealtimes, limits the amount of acid on the teeth and bacteria in the mouth.

Interdental cleaning is the use of floss, tepes/ icons brushes (little bottle brushes), water flossers or floss in sticks. These little bacteria cleaners help in remove surface plaque and bacteria that your toothbrush can not. Removing deposits between the teeth that can further cause inflammation of the gums, mobility, and recession. Leaving this problem untreated for a long period can lead to gum disease and periodontal disease, resulting in potential tooth and bone loss.

Fluoride tooth paste with brushing helps massively in strengthening the enamel and preserving the natural tooth tissue. Use of fluoride helps form a natural protective layer of the enamel stopping bacteria and sugar acids from wearing down the enamel and protecting against dental caries (tooth decay) We recommend the use of fluoride toothpaste twice daily to protect the teeth. Use of mouthwashes between meals and not after brushing will help add more fluoride protection – do not forget to get an alcohol free one!

Minimising the number of sugary foods and amount of sugar consumed helps in preserving the enamel and stopping acid attacks on the teeth that cause elisions, enamel wear (thinning) and tooth decay that can further down the line, if left untreated, can lead to tooth loss. Consuming sugar at mealtimes and not snacking on sugary foods and drinks helps in keeping the mouth healthier.


So there are lots of things we should be doing at home, during these unprecedented times, however don’t forget to visit your dentist for routine exams and hygiene appointments.

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