The role of a dental nurse

Here at Kingswood Parks Clinics, we have an amazing group of Dental Nurses and appreciate their efforts every single day.

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What is a dental nurse?

Dental nurses are GDC registered healthcare professionals, who work closely alongside our clinicians to deliver high quality dental care.

Key roles include providing chairside assistance, ensuring the clinical environment is well maintained and providing support to our patients on their smile journey.

Other general duties include:

  • Organising lab work
  • Liaising with the reception and patient care team to appropriately book appointments
  • Stock management, ordering and rotation
  • Treatment planning
  • Updating clinical records such as tooth charts, medical history, photographs and consent forms

Many tasks are often completed behind the scenes but are vital in providing the 5* care you receive. For example, did you know it is our nurses who ensure thorough hygiene standards are being maintained? Their in-depth knowledge of infection control and microbiology means the practice is kept sanitary and our equipment pathogen free. This ensures your trip to the dentist is always a safe experience; especially reassuring when visiting during a pandemic!

What is a nurse’s scope of practice?

As well as basic chairside support, enhanced training allows nurses to take impressions / 3D scans, apply fluoride varnish, record plaque indices, fit lab work such as mouthguards and take diagnostic images. And these are just a few of the extra skills nurses can learn! With the correct training, there are many extended duties nurses can perform, making them an invaluable member of the clinical team.

So, what are the best (and worst) parts?

The best part of dental nursing is being able to support your patients. Whether this support is chairside assistance, comforting nervous patients or just answering general queries, each duty is as important as the last and provides great job satisfaction!

Career progression is also a huge positive of dental nursing. As well as all the extended nursing duties, many dental nurses can further study to become therapists, dentists and even practice managers. Working alongside a range of clinicians who have a specialist interest or qualifications means you develop a wider range of skills and experience yourself; from cosmetic bonding or whitening, orthodontics or endodontics.

However, like any career, there are downsides. One negative is that unfortunately, nurses don’t always get to showcase their knowledge. Topics such as full facial anatomy, oral diseases and in-depth tooth formation are taught as a basic when training however, this information isn’t always utilised. Despite this, the knowledge builds a great foundation for any further study and assurance to patients and the dental team that they are in good hands!