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Did you know humans can detect smiles from more than 300 feet away? Yes, really it’s true!

Kingswood Parks Clinics is renowned for smile make-overs. We specialise in composite veneers, also known as dental bonding. This is by far our most popular choice of treatment for a smile makeover. Composite bonding helps to improve the shade, shape and appearance of your teeth, and unlike porcelain veneers it doesn’t require any drilling or filing of the teeth.

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Kingswood Parks Clinics can create edge bonding to smooth out minimal chips or you can choose the top 6 or 8 teeth bonding to create your perfect smile. Bonding is performed with the industry’s latest digital smile design technology; a predictable process, that allows for greater precision in your results.

Okay, so you’ve decided to go for it, you’ve chosen the look you want, you’ve chosen the shade of the teeth, a simple process, but one you and your clinician will go through together to ensure you are achieving the dream smile!

Did you know the average person smiles 62 times a day? That’s 22,630 smiles a year! Surely you know what your new teeth are going to feel like in your mouth after the treatment if we’re going to be smiling that much?

Well, here’s the good news….we can give you a trial smile before going ahead!

Using the digital technique we are able to provide you with a mock-up, so you can see and feel what your new smile will be like after your treatment. This means you can actually trial your smile in your OWN mouth (not just looking at a visual image). You can see how you are going to speak, how your smile looks and feels, and you can even facetime a relative or friend to show them and get their opinions.

Investing in your smile is life changing. It’s so important to get a mock-up before your treatment. We get so excited to show you a smile trial and thrive off the happiness our patients express when we achieve what they are looking for.

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