What is a Dental Therapist?

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When you join Kingswood Parks Clinics, you will be seen by the team of clinicians; our amazing Hygienists and Therapists typically provide treatments such as fillings, scales and polishes. They specialise in assisting our patients in improving and maintaining good oral health. Some patients ask why am I seeing a Therapist instead of a Dentist? Therapists can offer a wide range of treatments and our patients may see them directly or can be referred to them by our dentists. The experience and training our team have developed, allow them to see patients for routine check ups, deep cleans and even full smile make overs.

Our therapists recognise the additional support and needs of our patients, and we are fortunate enough to have clinicians who specialise in assisting those with dental fears and anxieties, children and extra needs.

Whether you are a new patient or existing, you may be booked directly in with our Therapists for an exam or a scale and polish, or may be referred to them for your clean after seeing the dentist. They also perform xrays and assessments, so from introduction and diagnosis, then will continue seeing you possibly for specific treatment such as RSD (deep clean) and reviews to post treatment check ups. As with our dentists, they will spot abnormalities and concerns, such as signs of oral cancer. You will also see our Therapists for fissure sealants and fluoride application, when prevention is of paramount importance for us, these are such important, under rated treatments.

Our therapists love seeing our younger patients and can be assured even if it’s your little ones first appointment, they will be good hands…and as patient as needed! They are able to remove baby teeth that are badly decayed and carry out fillings; for children and adults alike.

It will be our Therapists you will see for routine scale and polishes, those deeper cleans ad more specific treatments like Airflow; they specialise in removing build up and staining.

Our therapists are also trained and extensively experienced in treatments such as free hand and digital design bonding, so you will see them if you are awanting to perfect your smile through small tweaks with edge bonding or a complete new smile using the latest digital bonding techniques.

You may experience a referral to one of our dentists from the Therapist, this is purely if something is out of their remit, while they perform a wide spectrum of treatments, some advance care needs to be performed by a dentist.

Our Hygiene Therapists hold one of the most important roles within the clinic, offering a diverse role but also educators in that they provide support and advice on oral health. They encourage patients about the importance of looking after their teeth and discuss techniques with brushing, flossing and using tepes.

You can be confident in that you are in the best possible hands; Naomi has over 8 years experience and had undergone additional training to enhance further her experience in bonding. She is praised for her calming, caring and friendly approach with all patients. Sam has over 10 years experience and was recognised for her clinical competence. Patients comment on Sam’s kind and focused approach, with both her dental and facial aesthetics patients. Finally, Amy, our Clinical Director, is widely recognised for her smile make overs and facial aesthetics treatments, again with over 10 years experience in Therapy and the abundance of awards she has won, you can be sure you are in safe hands- particularly that for Dental Therapist of the Year in 2018.

DENTAL AWARDS 2018 WINNERS! (bdnj.co.uk)

Ultimately we will book your appointments accordingly with the relevant clinician; best suited to you, your concerns and requirements, but along with the full team, our Hygiene Therapists look forward to treating you:

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