What to expect as a new dental patient of Kingswood Parks Clinics

Whether you are reading this as are thinking about joining the practice or are waiting for your first appointment you have booked, we want to assure you, Kingswood Parks Clinics is the right choice.

What can you expect in your first new patient dental exam?

New Patient Consultation – Kingswood Parks Dental (kingswoodparksclinics.co.uk)

Try not to worry if you’ve not been to see the dentist in a while and you’re nervous of what to expect. This will let you know everything that will happen in your first appointment with us. When you first make an appointment, we will send you a welcome email as we want you to feel part of the clinic and get to know us prior to your appointment. We will send you a reminder; by text, call or both, about your appointment so don’t worry about forgetting. Questions can be answered prior to booking the appointment or before attending if anything comes to mind, just give us a call or send a message.

Arriving for your appointment

When you come to the clinic there will be some forms for you to complete in the waiting area. First, we need a medical history so we can understand more about you and go through any health checks required. We will also ask you to fill out our Questionnaire and Consent form, this is to understand what treatments you are interested in so that the dentist can discuss them with you, also for you to be able to let us know whether you would like to receive emails from us.

In the surgery

We want to welcome you the best we can so ensuring you’re as relaxed as possible is key to us! If there’s any type of music you would like to listen too, we can play that, you may also see lit candles to help create a relaxed environment. First of all, we will take some pictures of your teeth, these are for your file so we can have them on your notes for each time you come to the clinic, we can have them up on the screen so you can show us exactly what you would like to change, if anything! The clinician will then do a full health check, gum and teeth assessment, take xrays which they will put up on the screen so that they can discuss the findings with you so you’re fully aware of treatment that you may require. We will then go through any treatments that you may be interested in and make a treatment plan designed just for you.

What happens next?

Our patient care co-ordinator will go through your bespoke treatment plan, in which any questions you may have, can be answered. We have plans that we offer so we can discuss through those with you too, while also getting to know a little more about you. You can take all the information home to consider or if you are happy to proceed, we will book your next appointment, when you are sure you feel that you understand the next procedure.


The team at Kingswood Parks Clinics aim to ensure you are relaxed and put at ease throughout all appointments. While, we feel, the clinic is a luxury clinical environment, we also ensure we offer value for money.


Any questions you may have feel free to contact us and we can answer them for you, you can even speak with our Patient Care Co-ordinator before your appointment if you have any queries; either over the phone or arrange to pop in and chat face to face. If you would like to book in with us, please call the clinic on 01482 440084 to start your journey with us:

Contact – Kingswood Parks Dental (kingswoodparksclinics.co.uk)