Zoom! for a whiter smile

Here at Kingswood Parks Clinics, we offer Philips Zoom teeth whitening. It is the perfect way to achieve a white smile; we offer in house whitening- this means you come to the clinic for a session of Zoom whitening and you leave with whiter teeth than when you arrived!

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How it works:

You need to book a consultation in with one of our clinicians initially to ensure you are suitable for the whitening; they will provide a full teeth and gum health check, and are likely to take x-rays. The clinician will ensure your health is sufficient, prior to booking you in for this treatment. You will have a scan with us so that we can arrange bespoke whitening trays from our lab, to allow you to continue the whitening after your appointment of in-house session. You will receive these after your surgery Zoom appointment.

Your appointment

First, your clinician prepares your mouth for whitening and applies a layer of advanced whitening gel to your teeth. We will photograph your shade prior to treatment, to compare to afterwards.

To speed up the whitening process, the clinician will shine a blue LED lamp onto your teeth. This accelerates the whitening, plus the lamp’s variable settings ensure you will get a comfortable experience.

This is repeated three times – and is completed in just 60 minutes!

We will show you in the mirror your new smile and the shade you have achieved so you can compare. After you have finished your appointment, we will provide you with whitening trays that are bespoke to you and will also demonstrate how to apply the whitening gel and information we feel will help you.

Will it hurt?

You may find some sensitivity but Zoom gels have a unique desensitizer known as ACP that is shown to reduce sensitivity without compromising on result. We would also advise you use sensitive toothpaste after you have used your whitening gels and post treatment.

Why choose Philips Zoom?

We have chosen to use Zoom at our clinic as it is clinically proven for good results, we only want the best for our patients. You get immediate results, and it has been voted the number one whitening brand worldwide.

Do you want to whiten your smile? Call or message us for more advice or to book an appointment:

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